Palin Derangement Syndrome Continues

By Marion Algier – AskMarion

It has been just about four years since I, and most Americans, were introduced to Governor Sarah Palin at the 2008 GOP Convention.  She rocked the house the night of her convention speech and quickly changed the face of the McCain campaign.  John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his running mate finally gave Republicans a reason to vote for him — a reason, that is, other than defeating Obama.  And for those who either don’t or choose not to remember that they were ahead in the polls after Palin joined the ticket, Greta Van Susteren just pulled out the old polls.

Many people fell in love with Sarah Palin instantly, some liked her and were excited at the prospect of a fresh,  inspiring, Reaganesque candidate that was a female to boot, some were wary and some hated her from day one because they saw her as a threat!  And that quickly Palin Derangement Syndrome was born.

Sarah Palin is smart, principled, accomplished, has a great family and husband, is able to speak extemporaneously (or with a few words jotted in her hand) and tells it as it is, she lights up a room or a country fair and is comfortable almost everywhere, loves the average American and can relate to them, and is pretty to boot.  As many said, she can bring home the bacon (even if she has to shoot or catch it herself), fry it up and then serve it looking like she is ready for her next interview as a house full of kids are running under her feet.  Palin inspired every day Americans whose values and ideals she shared as she scared the pants off of the Progressive no so relatable Left, the elitist Establishment of her own party and the left leaning women’s groups, who should have endorsed her, but who envied her and therefore hated her instead because she really had and could do it all and they just talked about it.

My husband and I were lucky enough to hear and see Sarah Palin speak live, at her first Rally in Cali , not long after she had been tapped as John McCain’s running mate. She was mesmerizing and both inspired and energized the crowd of about 23,000 people. She was introduced and supported by the Los Angeles President of NOW (the National Organization for Women), a lifetime Democrat and political convert as she introduced herself… until sometime later after the powers that be within her group convinced her otherwise. Many people have forgotten that soon after Sarah was chosen for VP that she and McCain were ahead until  McCain decided to suspend the campaign and trudged back to Washington, D.C. because of the financial crisis. Had that not happened or maybe even if McCain had just not headed back to D.C., he and Palin could very well have won! What a different America we would be living in, if that were the case!

I was one who had done my homework on both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and although McCain was not my first choice, I knew what was coming if Barack or Hillary were elected so I saw Sarah Palin as a God send and after hearing her speak I knew she was the real deal.  The problem was so did the elites, the establishment, the haters and their media minions who quickly went to work destroying her, including the hack job by pretty faced CFR attack dog, Katie Couric.

From a Red State Review by Ben Howe of the movie The Undefeated  – A must see film if you haven’t (The Undefeated Teaser Trailer):

I pride myself on my ability to know when something is baloney, almost instinctively. On Sarah Palin, I was so incredibly hoodwinked that the one word that my wife and I agreed described how we felt after watching it, was shame. Yes of course invigoration, satisfaction and all the other things you experience when watching a good film, but about how we had handled our vetting of Mrs. Palin, shame was the word that best described it.

Shame for not bothering to look up her record. Shame for not reading her story. Shame for turning the channel when she came on the TV. Shame for not listening to people that we had a great deal of respect for like Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

As Breitbart points out in the film, the greatest shame is that while this woman was savaged to degrees you may not even realize yet, some of us sat back and let it happen. For me to buy into the media template and not defend someone who’s only offense was being a conservative, is the absolute antithesis of what I stand for, and something that I shall never allow to happen again.

And the problem for a lot of people who were hoodwinked… they never did do their homework or figure out that they allowed themselves to be cheated of the opportunity of honestly checking out perhaps the best candidate for VP in 2008 or President in 2012.

imageIn fact even after Palin had been marginalized, Quaylinized, lied about, had her children attacked… from her disabled son Trig to her daughter Bristol while on DWTS, was charged with enough ridiculous and fabricated suits that she resigned her office as Governor in respect for her constituents because she couldn’t fight them and effectively do her job and then was both belittled and martyred for it, was the focused target of a “journolist” plot and even had a journalist rent the house next to hers to spy on Sarah and her family, she has not only remained standing but she has won the suits, emerged victoriously after an investigation of her time in office in Alaska and has gone on to be one of the superstars of the conservative movement.  Sarah Palin is the darling of the tea party and has helped dozens of true fiscal conservatives and constitutionalist-style candidates win their elections. Ted Cruz of Texas being the most recent.

But still there are far too many Americans of all stripes who have counted Palin out without knowing the true facts or doing their homework, just because the Palin_on_O'Reillymain stream media, that might as well be the Progressive government media, demonized her… and they never questioned it or were willing to take a second look.

Yet just last week the Republican Elite™ concerned that Mitt Romney may give Sarah Palin a speaking role at the convention which she should absolutely have or, God forbid, he might actually be smart enough to consider her as his running mate  engaged Dick Cheney to go after Palin from the Republican side. After all, they don’t want Sarah messing up their good ole boys club either!

Cheney was on ABC News on Sunday. He did the old “she’s a nice girl … but …” insult. Cheney claims choosing Sarah Palin as VP was a mistake because she lacked experience.  Really?  Here’s Sarah Palin’s Impassioned Response To Dick Cheney’s Comment

Conservatives 4 Palin:

Sarah Palin. She has nearly two decades of public service, almost all of it at the Executive level. She was a Mayor, the state’s chief oil and gas regulator, and Governor.

Now some may poo-poo the Mayor thing, because Wasilla was, and is, very a small town. But as they say, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it that matters.

Wasilla was a small, mostly dirt road village. Under Sarah Palin’s management, the town became the fastest growing city in the state, and would become the trading hub for the entire Mat-Su Valley, an area roughly the size of the state of Delaware. Sarah improved the infrastructure, built roads, recruited businesses, and grew the economy. And she did all of this while lowering taxes. This sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident. It takes strong leadership skills and common sense.

In 2008 the Mayor of Wasilla credited Sarah’s 75 percent property tax cuts and infrastructure improvements with bringing “big-box stores” and 50,000 shoppers per day to Wasilla. She left office in 2002. That’s some serious and lasting impact for one person to have.

Last time I looked, Dick Cheney had never run a city. Certainly never turned a dirt road town into a highly successful one with a bustling economy.

Sarah’s time as the Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is the stuff of legends. Not so much for what she did as a regulator, which by all accounts was top notch, but for what she did to unwind the massive corruption lawmakers and many oil company executives were engaged in. By the time she was done, the state’s Attorney General was forced to resign in disgrace, as was the Republican Party Chairman. [From his job as a fellow AOGCC commissioner] He was also forced to pay the largest civil fine in Alaska’s history.

Sarah was just getting started, as she would take down the sitting Republican Governor, in a landslide, and go on to pass sweeping reforms once in office, as the FBI was still raiding lawmakers’ offices and hauling people off to prison.

Washington may be one of the most corrupt places on earth, and I’ve never, EVER heard Dick Cheney address it’s corruption in any manner whatsoever.

Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher put together an extensive listing of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments as Governor. No one in Washington has accomplished anything near what she has. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any elected official in the country who got as much done, has a better record on fiscal issues, or maintained a higher approval record among their voters. Sarah Palin had a sustained approval rating in the 90s as Governor of Alaska.

Sarah Palin has much more experience, including executive experience, than Barack Obama ever had when he ran for President, including: head of the PTA to City Council, Mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska, and has been on a non-stop learning junket since tapped for VP in 2008. She is now a major force in the Republican Party and Tea Party Movement. And Sarah and her husband Todd have owned their own businesses as well as working a long list of blue collar jobs; and have raised 5 children, including a Down Syndrome son. Sarah has a degree in journalism, worked her own way through school… which is why she entered a ‘beauty’ contest; and can hunt, fish and then can cook it when she gets back home while always looking great. She electrifies a room or a rally of thousands when she speaks, but cleans her own house. She supports our military and has a son fighting for America; supports our allies like Israel and believes in securing our borders and protecting America first; she believes in the American Dream; and Sarah is willing to speak out like nobody else. Sarah Palin loves America and respects the American people (of which she is one) as well as their their will rather than wanting to fundamentally transform her, is a Constitutionalist, and believes in God… just like approximately 83% of Americans. So ask yourself… what is so wrong with Sarah Palin… especially after you strip away the lies told about her? So why do we allow the media to shun every new independent bright light that just might really change what is going on in Washington? And why wouldn’t you like her or want a real average American who loves our Country, the Constitution and God in the White House?

She’s the real deal.

Mark Levin 2008:palin-reagan

As a Reaganite pre-dating Reagan’s 1976 candidacy, the contempt for Palin does, in fact, reminds me of the contempt some had for Reagan, especially from the media and Republican establishment, although no comparison is exact. I’ve not settled on a favorite would-be presidential candidate, but I also know media hit-jobs when I see them. I am hopeful more conservatives will begin to speak out about this or, before we know it, we will wonder why we are holding our noses and voting for another Republican endorsed by “the intellectuals” but opposed by a majority of the people.

Beck and PalinWhen times get tough there are always people who rise up, or are chosen to rise up, with the right message, the wake-up call, the inspiration and the leadership needed just for that time.  A few of the people who fit that bill right now are Glenn Beck, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin; all three have inspired the tea party and other grassroots groups and movements in different ways.  They are willing to speak out knowing they, and their families, will be attacked and criticized. if not worse.

It is our job to recognize those people and their strength and leadership.  It is also our job to stand-up with and for those people who are fighting for us, our families, our way of life, freedom and our country.

The power elite recognized Palin’s star power immediately and feared that she could actually get elected and would fight for real change for the American people and we let them destroy her and perhaps our best chance.

According to the Alaska Dispatch (August 6, 2012) Sarah Palin still hasn’t received an invitation to speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., and tea partiers aren’t happy.  Palin told Newsweek that she hasn’t even been asked to attend the convention yet. She said, “One must remember this isn’t Sadie Hawkins and you don’t invite yourself and a date to the big dance.” Palin, who in March polled more popular than any GOP presidential candidate, has vexed Mitt Romney since his candidacy began. She stole the media show by appearing in New Hampshire on the same day that Romney formally announced his candidacy for president, brushing it off as “coincidence.” Although her on-air rhetoric is supportive of Romney’s campaign, there’s been no official endorsement. And the latest Palin-related offense? John McCain told Politico on Tuesday that Palin was a “better candidate” than Romney as a vice presidential pick in the 2008 race. What Palin brings to the table that Romney needs is gusto. He would be wise to cash in on some of hers!  So “It’s time for Mitt Romney to man up, pick up the phone, and ask Sarah Palin to the dance.”  That’s a quote from a Daily Beast piece that argues Romney should invite Palin to speak at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida, next month.  Word has it that Palin has already secured rooms at a hotel within walking distance of the GOP convention and if Romney does not invite her to attend let alone speak he may again find himself in the position of having Palin steal his thunder and the media show.  Eleanor Clift and ABC’s Jonathan Karl have both recently said, “Sarah will be a force at the Republican Convention whether she does it from the floor or from the parking lot”  If I were advising Mitt Romney I would make sure that she was on my side!

Sarah Palin deserves a fair shot.  She definitely deserves a seat at the table at the Republican Convention and a prime speaking slot.  Mitt Romney would be smart to give her the opportunity.  And we’d be smart to make sure that our friends and family give Sarah Palin another honest look, if not for VP this time around then for a possible shot at the presidency in 2016 or 2020.

You can love Sarah or disagree with her, but if you are fair minded person who takes the time to do your homework, even just to read this piece, follow the links and think about it, you cannot disagree that Sarah Palin and her family have been unjustly attacked and scrutinized at a much higher level than anyone in Washington or any candidate out there because of Palin Derangement Syndrome caught and promoted by her enemies because they fear her for being a Conservative, a Christian, a person of Character and most scary of all for them she has the Charisma to possibly beat them and beat them honestly!

You be the judge…   Ask Marion~



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08.08.12 Update:  **  Since this piece was originally written the names of GOP convention speakers are slowly being rolled out including former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, 2008 GOP presidential nominee and Arizona Senator John McCain, Governor Mike Huckabee, New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Ohio Governor John Kasich were announced as speakers early Monday morning.  Governor Chris Christy was previously already leaked as a speaker. This list was followed up with the additions of Senator Rand Paul, former Governor Jeb Bush, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, former 2012 primary opponent Rick Santorum, Governor Scott Walker, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Puerto Rican Governor Luis G. Fortuño, tea party favorite Texas Senate Candidate Ted Cruz… with more to come.

And as people are added to the speaker’s list, the potential VP list narrows. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Wisconsin Rep Paul Ryan, and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida as well as Senator Rob Portman of Ohio and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty are all sure bets to speak at the convention, unless they get the VP nod. Another possible GOP veep shortlister that has surfaced that past few days is General David Patraeus.  Course, after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently announced that he has had a change of heart and might be interested in running for President in 2016 or 2020,  Greta Van Susteren commented that perhaps Jersey Governor Chris Christie might get the nod, and already knows it, and they are trying to throw us off track.

Both Sarah Palin and Allen West should be no-brainers to speak at the GOP convention and possibly could be on the short list for VP.  Their supporters can certainly hope, so perhaps they will be among the last group announced before or when the VP announcement is made. And if they are on neither list then Team Romney is on the dumb bunny list!

And as for Cheney…  He has finally explained his Palin VP ‘mistake’ remark (see video)  –  The former vice president now says his comments about Palin were aimed at John McCain’s selection process rather than an attack on Palin after his daughter Liz and John McCain stepped up to take Palin’s side.  And even Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa came out and said Sarah Palin More Qualified Than Marco Rubio…

I hope you will share this piece with people you know who hate Sarah Palin or wrinkle up their nose while putting up their hand before you can get a word in edge wise but who really don’t know the truth or why they feel that way.  As Ann Coulter says, “The Liberals Secret Weapon is Republicans Who Don’t Read” and I would extend that to the great majority of Americans who don’t read or only read fiction and People Magazine.  Many people who support Palin and other conservatives don’t really have the knowledge to explain why or to sway the uninformed either.

About Ask Marion

I am a babyboomer and empty nester who savors every moment of my past and believes that it is the responsibility of each of us in my generation and Americans in general to make sure that America is as good or even a better place for future generations as it was for us. So far... we haven't done very well!! Favorite Quotes: "The first 50 years are to build and acquire; the second 50 are to leave your legacy"; "Do something that scares you every day!"; "The journey in between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place". At age 62 I find myself fighting inoperable uterine Cancer and thanks to the man upstairs and the prayers from so many people including many of my readers from AskMarion and JustOneMorePet... I'm beating it. After losing our business because of the economy and factors related to the re-election of President Obama in 2012 followed by 16-mos of job hunting, my architect-trained husband is working as a trucker and has only been home approximately 5-days a month since I was diagnosed, which has made everything more difficult and often lonely... plus funds are tight. Our family medical deductible is 12K per year for two of us; thank you ObamaCare. But thanks to donations from so many of you, we are making ends meet as I go through treatment while taking care of my father-in-law who is suffering from late stage Alzheimer's and my mother-in-law who suffers from RA and onset dementia as well as hearing loss, for which there are no caretaker funds, as I continue the fight here online to inform and help restore our amazing country. And finally I need to thank a core group of family, friends, and readers... all at a distance, who check in with me regularly. Plus, I must thank my furkids who have not left my side through this fight. You can see them at JustOneMorePet.
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58 Responses to Palin Derangement Syndrome Continues

  1. william wallace says:

    If I was Mitt my first act would be to get on the phone to
    SARAH and pop the question WOULD you PLEASE be
    my RUNNING MATE … please PlEaSe pLeAsE PlEaSe.

    Apart from having working brain cells that which being
    uncommon among politicians SARAH also a very very
    attractive woman // as is HILLARY // such going well
    with the male voter in winning their vote / the election
    could be very close coming down to a handful of votes.

  2. roscoe says:

    I’m happy to say that my most significant financial contributions of a political nature go to SarahPac. I trust her, Sarah Palin, more than any other to do the right thing and to forward my regular, monthly contribution to where it can do the most good.

  3. justonemorepet says:

    The demonization of Sarah Palin is the perfect example of how out of control our left-leaning media has become and how tightly they are tied to the Progressive Democrat left. It is a shame how complacent too many Amerians have become just following the MSM like sheep. Love Sarah or not… it is time that fair-minded people start standing up against this type of ‘purposeful attack’ form of reporting and campaigning based on no facts but rather the fear of those doing the attacking!

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  16. Ask Marion says:

    Sent to me directly via email:

    Huckleberry says:

    Love the Govenor but she does have RINO traits,Orrin Hatch-like??. In her own book the first page I flip to is her in an office with McRino, Lindsey Grahamnesty,Joe Liberalman… Maverick or establishment? The jury still out with me.

  17. Ask Marion says:

    Another comment sent to me directly via email:

    Rob says:

    Ahhh, Sarah. How I wish she’d have run. I understand of course, but what a president she would have made…

    I’ve been a big fan of hers since I met her by chance during a trip to Alaska before she went national when she was waiting for some people to show up for a meeting

    She and Jim DeMint resurrected the GOP almost by themselves. Now, the GOP probably won’t even let them speak at the Convention. Instead, it’ll be Jeb Bush and Mccain…


    • Ask Marion says:

      I love Sarah!! As I said in piece I saw her speak in Oct 2008 in CA when the Democrat NOW president introduced and indorsed her; later to be retracted. I thought she was great at the Convention and after seeing her live and the crowd’s reaction, I was sold for life! Depending how things work out, the hatchet job the Left has done on Sarah may be shown as one of those pivotal moments in history… where we missed the boat! I think she was a gift we allowed the Left to steal from America! I really like DeMint as well and you are right… they should be speaking instead of the ole Republican elite establishment boys!


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