One Day After the 2012 Election… Who Do Republicans Consider the Leader of their Party?

In a recent poll on GretaWire, Greta Van Susteren’s  watchers voted overwhelmingly that they considered Sarah Palin as the head of he Republican Party


Gretawire: Who is today – one day after the election – the leader of the Republican party?

After yesterday’s dismal showing by the Whigs GOP, I wonder if the party’s worth leading. I have my doubts. In any event, the candidates on Greta’s ballot are as follows:

Governor Romney

Speaker Boehner

Senator Marco Rubio

Congressman Paul Ryan

Governor Chris Christie

Governor Sarah Palin

Speaker Newt Gingrich

someone else (post your thought in comments)

Poll Results:

Thank you for voting!

Governor Romney 7.64% (483 votes)

Speaker Boehner 12.82% (810 votes)

Senator Marco Rubio 16.25% (1,027 votes)

Congressman Paul Ryan 7.94% (502 votes)

Governor Chris Christie 3.72% (235 votes)

Governor Sarah Palin 41.9% (2,648 votes)

Speaker Newt Gingrich 3.01% (190 votes)

someone else (post your thought in comments) 6.72% (425 votes)

What If Sarah Palin Had Run?


Mark – Nov 8, 2012

COMMENTARY | Looking at another defeat of a moderate Republican for the presidency, one is driven to imagine what might have happened if a powerful conservative had run for the GOP nomination, captured it, and then confronted President Obama in the recent campaign.

That person would not have had the baggage that Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, or Michele Bachmann had that caused them to fall one by one to Mitt Romney during the primary season. The person would have had instant star power, some experience on running on a national stage, and impeccable conservative credentials.

We are referring, of course, to Sarah Palin.

In this alternate history, Palin uses her September, 2011 speech in Indianola, Iowa to announce her run for the presidency. This changes the nature of the Republican primary almost immediately.

One could see Palin almost immediately crowding out all of the other conservative competitors, winning the Iowa Caucus, narrowly losing the New Hampshire Primary to Mitt Romney (a surprising second place finish is as good as a win), winning subsequent contests in South Carolina and Florida. Under this scenario, Palin is the presumptive nominee by late March or early April.

The left goes berserk with the very notion of "that woman" daring to aspire to the Oval Office. The Hollywood hit piece "Game Change" takes on new resonance. Bill Maher doubles down on his obscene rants against Palin. The Obama campaign starts to roll out attack ads.

The other thing that happens is that the Republican establishment goes through a period of angst, mulling over the question, "Can she win?"

Two things would have been different in the Summer of 2012. Unlike Romney, who tried to be above the fray, Palin would have hit back twice as hard against the attacks. Also, it would have been difficult for the Obama campaign to construct a "war against women" meme if the Republican nominee was a woman.

The convention is a complete success, with Palin choosing a young, conservative running mate, perhaps Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida to make a play for the Hispanic vote. Palin goes on to trounce Obama in the debates, much as she did Biden in 2008, in which she hits him hard on Benghazi as well as the economy.

Then, getting a few million more votes than Romney did, Palin wins and is the next president.

What might have been.


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