Huffington Post Announces No Political Coverage of Donald Trump – After All They Know Better than You…

By Marion Algier – AskMarion

As usual, the Progressive Media thinks they know better than you… and that they should be able to manipulate the election based on their reporting and choices, just like they manipulate public opinion on just about everything they report.  Even when they report on the Kardashians, you only get what they choose to report.  Did you hear or see this story or opinions from the leftist mainstream media news?

Newsbusters: Careful, Huffington Post. Your bias is showing. Actually your bias is screaming out loud with the announcement by HuffPo Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim and their Editorial Director Danny Shea that they would no longer report on the Donald Trump campaign in their political coverage. Instead their coverage of Trump will take place in their Entertainment section. Think I’m kidding? Well, read the announcement that basically says that the Huffington Post is chock full of bias as you can see from the very snarky title, A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump’s ‘Campaign’:

After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won’t report on Trump’s campaign as part of The Huffington Post’s political coverage. Instead, we will cover his campaign as part of our Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.

So the Donald Trump ‘campaign’ is merely a sideshow. Yeah, a sideshow that has moved into the lead among the Republican candidates according to recent polls. Even if Trump were not leading, his campaign has drastically changed the nature of what is being discussed by all the candidates. Of course, the Huffington Post’s absurdly biased announcement went over like a lead balloon with most of the readers at that site. Even many folks who don’t like Trump disagreed with it.

How can you believe in freedom of press, speech and not report on his campaign ? You may not like what he says but if you do not report on it than your no better than him ! Freedoms go both ways. I do not like his politics or what he says but I will defend his right to say it, as a media outlet you should know better!

I’m a progressive liberal and wouldn’t vote for Trump under any circumstances. However, I don’t agree with this decision, it only adds fuel to the claim that the liberal media is biased against republicans.

Wow this is bias, I’m a progressive, but the man is a billionaire, using his own money, is drawing supporters, and is at the top of credible national polls, this is wrong Huffintonpost.

You are joking right? Moving a political candidate’s coverage to an entertainment page? You’ve lost this reader gang.

Finally this very appropriate observation from MRC’s research director, Rich Noyes:

It seems high and mighty of the Huffington Post to decide who is and who isn’t a real candidate when Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls right now, They wouldn’t have taken kindly if the rest of the media had treated Arianna Huffington’s run for governor of California as a sideshow. I would say it’s up to the voters to decide who is a real candidate and who is not.

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3 Responses to Huffington Post Announces No Political Coverage of Donald Trump – After All They Know Better than You…

  1. Another foreigner who is owner of this newspaper. Arianna is from Greece and holds a dual citizenship. This lady has made it big on the backs of the American people. So here we go again with a foreigner trying to influence our elections. So why is this newspaper afraid of Donald Trump? Would it be he is an old-fashioned American and not an import? Why doesn’t the newspaper print the news and let the people of America shake it out instead of trying to control freedom of speech?

    Positive thinking is so firmly enshrined in our culture that knocking it is a little like attacking motherhood or apple pie!

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