Palin spokeswoman blasts Alaska blogger over Trig photo


Sarah Palin is again responding forcefully to a perceived attack on one of her children, this time attacking an Alaska blogger who edited a picture of her and her baby son, Trig, to replace Trig’s face with the image of a conservative Alaska talk show host, Eddie Burke.

Emails Palin’s spokesman Meghan Stapleton:

Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned.

The blogger, Linda Kellen Biegel, responded that she was making fun of Burke, a talker on KBYR who is a fervent Palin backer, not of Trig.

"It’s called ‘Baby Burke’ because it’s Eddie Burke…basically his probable second-biggest fantasy about the Governor," Biegel wrote. "So, connecting the dots for you…WE’RE MAKING FUN OF EDDIE BURKE!!!!!!"

By Ben Smith 08:24 AM – POLITICO.COM

Source:  Fox Nation

Related Comments (680 so far… a few random samples below)

Wow. Photoshopping someone out of a picture and photoshopping someone else in is a LIE. Why doesn’t the RNC photoshop Michelle out of a picture when Obama is kissing her and photoshop in Barney Frank. Or when the Obama family (with girls) were on the cover of US or People (or both?), why not photoshop Malia out and put in Al Sharpton? Man, it’s disgusting how in the name of politics, everyone, including a baby with Down’s Syndrome (who will live a shortened life, possibly have someone have to care for him for that whole life, face medical issues – heart, etc.) is fair game. I agree with the governor. BTW, most people don’t know that Linda Kellen Biegel had an affair with Eddie Burke! It’s been well hidden. But going on for years! I know because I saw the pictures…

Posted By: give it up | June 25, 2009 at 09:04 AM 

What do we expect from the classless Libs? They would freak if someone did this to their Savior, Obama but Sarah should just take it as part of politics? really? They have no issues to stand on so they do this crap.

Posted By: trg | June 25, 2009 at 09:28 AM

Why would Ms. Biegel think this would be funny? Distorting a picture of a child with special needs is disgusting and I have lost what little respect I had for her blog. Can you even begin to imagine Democrats’ outrage if a picture of Malia and/or Sasha Obama was distorted?

Posted By: Mike McGuire | June 25, 2009 at 09:27 AM 

Enough is enough though. I don’t care who that blogger was trying make fun of. Leave the f’ing children alone. Don’t take a photo of my child and touch it in the name of ‘politics’. This country is turning to crap. I think I’ll join everyone and go put the Obama girls heads on some bad lesbian porn clip and send it out.

Posted By: Mike | June 25, 2009 at 09:08 AM

I will tell you when Sarah will become the odds on favorite to winning the Presidency. When the First Dude punches someone in the nose for insulting his beautiful family. Thanks for just being so normal Sarah…. you are a breath of fresh Alaskan air. The O is imploding and the WH will be ready for you in 2012. The nation is bored with his lispy-whisling rhetoric and nonsensical socialist ideologies. He wants to socialize everything and America is tired of his attempts at lowering our standards to the 3rd and 2nd world levels. This empty suit is also very boring to watch. And as time goes on more and more so. The folks are catching on to this fact. Everyone that I know that was enamored with him during the election cycle are now totally turned off from him and Michelle. They are two of the biggest phonies and it shows.

Posted By: Reasoned | June 25, 2009 at 09:46 AM 

As a lifelong liberal Democrat I cannot understand why any decent human being would think it’s all right to use a special needs child to attack his mother. The blogger is scum. As is every faux liberal who makes exscuses for this kind of behavior. "Our" side used to be better than that. Now some on "our" side is just a repulsive or worse than "their" side. You have tarnished what was once a good and decent party with decent people that would have NEVER used a child in this way. I know you haven’t the integrity to be ashamed of yourselves so I’ll be ashamed for you. And don’t call yourselves liberals, you are not. And you really should get some help for your Palin hate. It’s warping you.

Posted By: kenoshamarge | June 25, 2009 at 10:21 AM

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