The Lesson in the Betrayal of Sarah Palin

Recently on his radio show Rush Limbaugh discussed an article which stated that there is no respected voice in the national arena articulating Conservatism. Such an advocate for Conservatism is crucial to reversing the direction of America as Obama drives us toward socialism while low-info voters gleefully sing Kumbaya in the backseat.

Well excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but we had an extraordinary advocate for Conservatism and look what happened to her. Judas on our side betrayed her – sold her reputation for 30 seconds of fame and favor with the media.

Even now, folks on our side are still beating up on Sarah Palin saying – Palin has lost her appeal – Palin is unelectable – Palin wasn’t smart enough – Palin wasn’t prepared and etc. Really… Flashback: Media Reviews of Governor Palin’s 2008 RNC Speech  and because of Sarah Palin, the McCain-Palin Ticket was leading until McCain decided to suspend his campaigning for a few days to go back to D.C. get involved in the bailout talks.

So, this is how we treat our heroes?!?  Those that stand up?

Many Democrat Party politicians/advocates are immoral, liars and cheats. And yet, they are treated like super-stars by the media. Democrats have the backs of their associates, no matter what. For example: Democrats never rebuked Clinton for receiving oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office. They simply launched a campaign claiming that any man in Clinton’s position would have reacted like him. Think about that folks, Democrats and the media lowered the standard of national leadership behavior, and the overall national moral standard, to cover their guy.

We Conservatives act as if our representatives must be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ – perfect in every way. At a Conservative’s slightest misstep, Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians/Independents trip over one another backing away from the individual in an effort to get out of the media and Democrat’s line of fire.  Even Fox News dissed Palin to appease the Republican Establishment before the 2012 GOP Convention. Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and independents have bought in to the Ruling Class of the GOP’s Declaration of War on Country Class Conservatives.

Clearly advocates of Conservatism are expected to walk on water by both political parties.

Word on the political street is we need a respected advocate for Conservatism to reach ‘low-info’ voters. While I do believe a new voice will emerge, I wonder who could be better than Sarah Palin?  And how about we revive her image and our support of it? Or will we continue to to betray, her, ourselves and our new Conservative hero(es) as well?

Inevitably, Palin’s humanity was revealed; she was not perfect. But still, Palin is extraordinary and will be a tough act to follow.

Allow me to recap. Immediately following her amazing VP nomination acceptance speech, the media/the left went crazy consumed with hatred and a desperate desire to destroy her. Why? Palin was a beautiful, smart, articulate and a strong woman who boldly touted traditional values and a love for God, family and country – all of which are anathemas to the left.  Plus Palin embodied all that the leftist feminists just talked about!!

No tactic was too low to discredit Palin. Thus, the left felt justified in attacking her children.  They even attacked Trig, Palin’s Down Syndrome child and Sarah’s advocacy for special needs kids and their families.

Women in my family/circle ‘parroted’ the media talking point that Palin was bad for women. I thought, “You idiots, Palin is the epitome of everything the left/Democrats claim to desire for women – successful inside and outside of the home.”

While governor of Alaska, the left tried to drown Palin in lawsuits. Palin resigned to save her state from the cost and aggravation. The left’s mantra was Palin is a quit-er and republicans/conservatives joined their chorus.

Another thing the left successfully did to discredit Palin was to brand her “stupid”. Who among us could survive every word out of our mouth being judged from a point of view that you are stupid? Meanwhile, Obama ran around saying America has 57 states and the media completely ignored this faux pas, along with several others by Obama.  Yet liberal lap dogs still get tingles up his leg when they hear him speak.

Despite relentless attacks by hostel interviewers (like CFR liberal progressive attack dog Katie Couric) in every TV interview, Palin always stood strong, boldly touting Conservatism. Man, you got to love this remarkable woman.

Also, completely ignored is Palin’s tremendous charisma which I witnessed first hand on numerous occasions. We launched one of our Tea Party Express national bus tours in Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home town Searchlight Nevada – a huge dust bowl. Palin was our keynote speaker. Twenty-five thousand patriots attended with many camping out the night before to reserve their spot. Through the windows of our Tea Party Express bus as we arrived, I watched seniors who parked a mile away using walkers to make their way to the event.

Sarah Palin - Large Tea Party Rally Held In Sen. Harry Reid's Hometown Of Searchlight, NVSarah Palin - Large Tea Party Rally Held In Sen. Harry Reid's Hometown Of Searchlight, NV

The admiration for Palin felt a little like the scene in the Bible in which a woman said if I can just touch the hem of His garment, I will be made whole. In all of my 400 tea parties and 9 tours across America, no one, I repeat, no one affected audiences like Sarah Palin.

When a new conservative voice emerges on the scene, will we stand behind our hero no matter what, barring something immoral or criminal? Or, will we expect our guy or gal to be the second coming of Jesus. Have we learned something from the Republican/Conservative betrayal of Palin and their passivity and culpability in the media’s viscous vile destruction of her image?

Sarah Palin, on behalf of We The People, I wish to thank you for your profile in courage, trumpeting Conservatism (God, family and country).

LloydMarcus.jpgLloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

*And perhaps instead of looking for a new patriotic hero we just need to look within, find our courage, arm ourselves with knowledge, educate everyone we encounter, and then support and run the hero that was given us in 2008.  It is us that failed, not Sarah Palin, and God doesn’t dole out heroes and leaders like a new flavor of candy because we missed the boat!  I’m just saying?!?  I too saw Sarah Palin speak live and witnessed her charisma and genuine heart speaking to a mesmerized crowd of 23,000 after being introduced by political convert and lifetime Democrat, the Los Angeles President of the National Organization for Women to show her support… until the feminists showed her the error or her way proving that the left and feminists really are lemmings..  I feel that God gives us gifts and choice, and if we miss or don’t use the gift we have the chance to correct the bad choice, or he takes the gift away… and it could be a very long time before a new gift, a new opportunity, a new leader or a new hero is given.

Palin: ‘We Haven’t Yet Begun to Fight!’—Exclusive Interview with Breitbart News

In my research for the film I made on Governor Palin, The Undefeated, I was constantly amazed at the anti-establishment stands she took at every step in her rise to power. Moves that a conventional politician would run from, she embraced: in Wasilla, in Juneau, and in the rise of the Tea Party. Her ability to see “over the hill” to what is really important, what really matters, is what sets her apart.

Andrew Breitbart embraced the Governor as a fellow warrior in the long struggle against a detached and venal political/media complex. He lives on in spirit and through the work of those he inspired—including, but not limited to, those who report and contribute at his site.

The Governor has been at the forefront of the fight against the Permanent Political Class and, as such, inspired Peter Schweizer and myself in our work last night on Fox News with Sean Hannity’s specialBoomtown.” We consider ourselves honored at Breitbart News to have her share with us her thoughts on the road ahead in this exclusive Q & A.

1. What’s next for you?

Short term: I encourage others to step out in faith, jump out of the comfort zone, and broaden our reach as believers in American exceptionalism. That means broadening our audience. I’m taking my own advice here as I free up opportunities to share more broadly the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic and restoring this most exceptional nation. We can’t just preach to the choir; the message of liberty and true hope must be understood by a larger audience.

Focus on the 2014 election is also imperative. It’s going to be like 2010, but this time around we need to shake up the GOP machine that tries to orchestrate away too much of the will of constitutional conservatives who don’t give a hoot how they do it in DC. DC is out of touch, obviously. Voices on the right like Mark Levin, Rush, and the writers here at Breitbart have come out strongly against the “go along to get along” politicians who wave the white flag before the battle even begins. We’re not going to be able to advance the cause of limited constitutional government unless we deal with these big government enablers on our side. And this all ties into the problem of crony capitalism and the permanent political class in the Beltway. We need to consistently take them on election after election – ever vigilant.

As far as long-term plans, the door is wide open. I know the country needs more truth-telling in the media, and I’m willing to do that. So, we shall see. And always in the center of it all I have an awesome, full, exciting, and large family living in a very unique part of America that keeps me hopping! I love it!

2. Where do you think the country stands at the beginning of the President’s 2nd term?

Before the November election I wrote that we all know what Obama’s second term will look like because we’ve seen his first. I said: “We know what we will get from a second Obama term. We will get the same failed policies. We will get Obamacare locked into law. We will get a debt crisis. We will get more inflation and higher gas prices. We will get tax increases. We will get fewer jobs. We will get more small businesses collapsing under the weight of higher taxes and unfair regulation. We will get more corruption and crony capitalism favoring the Obama administration’s friends. We will get less domestic energy development and increased dependence on terrorist sponsoring foreign regimes for our energy needs. We will get a ‘blame America first’ foreign policy that bows to our enemies and snubs our friends like Israel and leaves America and the world less safe. We will get less opportunity and security for ourselves and for our children.”

Predicting the future has never been easier because here we are! Already we see higher taxes, a stagnant economy, the same inflationary monetary policies, Obamacare looming like a dark cloud over small businesses, yet another demand for “debt ceiling” increases, continued stonewalling about the tragic Benghazi attacks, a Secretary of Defense nominee who has a history of being antagonistic to our ally Israel, and the attack on our Second Amendment rights by an administration that has no respect for the Constitution or the separation of powers.

The problem is that some on the Right are now skittish because of the lost 2012 election. They shouldn’t be. Conservatism didn’t lose. A moderate Republican candidate lost after he was perceived to alienate working class Reagan Democrat and Independent voters who didn’t turn out for him as much as they did for the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008. Granted, those same voters also didn’t turn out for Obama as strongly either. We had an election defined by a biased media plus millions of voters who sat it out in disgust. As long as we allow the media and GOP establishment to tell us who our nominees must be, we can expect to lose. I’m not interested in losing. America’s next generation can’t afford another loss.

3. The MSM have declared both you and the Tea Party dead and buried. Reaction?

I was raised to never retreat and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season. When it comes to defending our republic, we haven’t begun to fight! But we delight in those who underestimate us.

Palin Derangement Syndrome Continues

2016 – The Election of the First Female President of the United States?

Hillary Doesn’t Deserve Our Admiration or Another Shot at the Presidency

The Republican Establishment Wants New People and it seems that the Republican Establishment Has Declared War on GOP Voters. Rasmussen is one of the most perceptive political analysts and Rasmussen says the implicit message is that the Republican Party may not be salvageable, and that the need for a new structure is growing apace. Let us hope that Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Allen West, Rand Paul and some others are reading his columns.  The Palin Affect is Undeniable! One Day After the 2012 Election… Who Did Republicans Consider the Leader of their Party?

“For someone who once described herself as ‘just an average hockey mom,’ Sarah Palin‘s life has been far from ordinary. In the space of eight years, the former beauty pageant contestant has gone from the mayor of a tiny Alaska city to becoming the first woman on a Republican presidential ticket and has emerged as a formidable political force.”  – Eoin O’Carroll, CS Monitor

If you love Sarah Palin arm yourself with the facts and then get out there and share them.  If you hate Sarah Palin, but when you honestly think about her and your feelings, you realize that you don’t know much about Sarah and your feelings come from media propaganda and info you got from friends and family who were also affected by the media and other uninformed friends, please give America, your future and Sarah Palin another chance.  Start by reading the articles at the links below, read her book(s), find some videos of her speeches to listen to and if you get the chance… go hear and see her speak live. 2016 might be the election and time for the first female American President. Don’t be duped into following one of the most anti-American, anti-freedom and anti-patriotic women in America and American politics, Hillary Clinton, exemplified by her Benghazigate testimony,  America needs a Constitution loving patriotic (man or) women… like Sarah Palin.

So the question is… Have we learned anything?  If we are smart and resourceful both we and Sarah will have the last laugh. If we are not smart there won’t be much for anyone in America to laugh about after the next election.  Marion Algier – Ask Marion~

**This past week brought election 2016 to the forefront with the Obama-Hillary Lovefest on Syrupy Minutes… Designed to Manipulate You which was quickly followed by the launch of the Hillary Clinton SuperPac… No coincidence that Hillary’s $25 million campaign debt, from her last presidential bid, was just paid off only days before she ‘testified’ before Congress on Benghazi… need we say more?!? But SarahPAC is poised for action with nearly $1.2 million in the bank, and she owes nobody favors and lies for testimony or paying off any debt for her.


Rand Paul to Chris Christie: Cool It With the Temper Tantrums and Grandstanding, Alright? – So where was Christie and others when Sarah Palin’s kids were being attacked? And why is it okay for President and Team Obama to use kids when it suits them?… Double Standard!!

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Why Are They So Afraid of Sarah Palin???

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The Quayling of Sarah

Fear Factor: Palin Derangement Syndrome (Worth the Read)

First Rally in Cali

The Best Man Turned Out To Be A Woman

A Tale of Two Speeches: Sarah Palin and Barack Obama on the Tragedy in Tucson

‘Un-American Act’: Palin Slams Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate as Violating Constitutional Rights

The Audacity of American Exceptionalism

Greta Van Susteren: The Palin Effect – Taking a Look at Polls from 2008

Mark Levin talks about the Ted Cruz victory in Texas, the GOP establishment, the Tea Party and Governor Palin’s role in that race

Life With Trig: Sarah Palin on Raising a Special-Needs Child

Will Bristol Palin Bring Politics Back to ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Will Sarah Palin speak at GOP convention?

Governor Palin: “Who is Running our Country?”

The Case for a Palin Candidacy for President in 2016

New Polls: Palin Slams Bush and Clinton


Sarah on the Cover of Newsweek… I Can Win!!

Sarah and Alveda 8.28.10

Sarah Joined Beck and Alveda King at Restore Honor Event

 America by Heart


Sometimes I hear people asking… what happened to America?  How could so many bad things be happening to the U.S.? What happened to the America we grew up in?  …the America of our Founding Fathers?  And then there are those who are so misinformed, under-informed, low-informed that they don’t even realize that the American nanny state they are living in can’t survive and that the country of their future and their children’s future will be frightening if we don’t make a sharp turn to the right quickly. My comment to all these people is,  “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and an educated involved populace” (to safeguard the Constitution and Bill of Rights given us… based on Judeo-Christian principles and believed to be inspired by God by the Founding Fathers)! –President and Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson.

During times of crisis and need, leaders with the needed vision, principles and tools arise, if the people are intuitive enough to follow.  But there are always also the forces of evil to cloud their reputations and divert the blind and foolish.  I (and those who took the time to do their homework) believe Sarah Palin was that leader for these times.  We blew it 2008 and something, including the GOP establishment, made her sit it out in 2012.  If we, who do see the big picture and know the truth about Sarah Palin… as well as the truth about Hillary Clinton, do not educate others and act in 2016 there won’t be a country worth fighting for in 2020. …MGA

About Ask Marion

I am a babyboomer and empty nester who savors every moment of my past and believes that it is the responsibility of each of us in my generation and Americans in general to make sure that America is as good or even a better place for future generations as it was for us. So far... we haven't done very well!! Favorite Quotes: "The first 50 years are to build and acquire; the second 50 are to leave your legacy"; "Do something that scares you every day!"; "The journey in between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place". At age 62 I find myself fighting inoperable uterine Cancer and thanks to the man upstairs and the prayers from so many people including many of my readers from AskMarion and JustOneMorePet... I'm beating it. After losing our business because of the economy and factors related to the re-election of President Obama in 2012 followed by 16-mos of job hunting, my architect-trained husband is working as a trucker and has only been home approximately 5-days a month since I was diagnosed, which has made everything more difficult and often lonely... plus funds are tight. Our family medical deductible is 12K per year for two of us; thank you ObamaCare. But thanks to donations from so many of you, we are making ends meet as I go through treatment while taking care of my father-in-law who is suffering from late stage Alzheimer's and my mother-in-law who suffers from RA and onset dementia as well as hearing loss, for which there are no caretaker funds, as I continue the fight here online to inform and help restore our amazing country. And finally I need to thank a core group of family, friends, and readers... all at a distance, who check in with me regularly. Plus, I must thank my furkids who have not left my side through this fight. You can see them at JustOneMorePet.
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32 Responses to The Lesson in the Betrayal of Sarah Palin

  1. Jo Ann Parker says:

    Rush Limbaugh speaks highly of Sarah Palin. He speaks of how badly she was treated. If he stated anything it would how that she has ben silenced.

    • Ask Marion says:

      Yes he does and so do Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Greta Van Susteran as do potentially fellow 2016 opponants for the 2016 GOP presidential primaries: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump & Rand Paul plus scores of Republians that Sarah Palin helped get into office.

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