palin 2016 patch

Palin is the Key for the GOP to both beat Hillary and nulify the carrot of the Dems electing the first female U.S. President

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4 Responses to palin 2016 patch

  1. James McCullough says:

    I think she would be a great candidate!

  2. Boomer25 says:

    Sarah Palin send America ah sailin we need someone like u to put the progressive liberals and the sharia law in the pits where they belong..GBU!!!

  3. Ruth says:

    I always just thought Sarah would be a mighty force to contend with! The whole time she was campaigning I kept thinking, along with others, why the hell are they pushing McCain, It should be Palin for president! There are so many that love her! She would be just what we need, because she would be the MAMA GRIZZLY to ALL of us! Like her or not she loves our country and gets it!

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