New Polls: Palin Slams Bush and Clinton

Sarah Palin can win the presidential election in 2016 and is exactly what America needs.  So why do we keep letting the progressive media, corrupt Democrats and Establishment RINO Republicans who are all afraid of Sarah and have always known she could win, scare us? Or at least make us doubtful?  It is why Palin Derangement Syndrome was created and why the mainstream media ‘jour’no’lists’ colluded to destroy her from day one.

By Marion Algier  –  AskMarion

Examiner – New Poll  –  Palin Slams BushTown Crier History:

New Poll: Palin Slams Bush  Town Criers 4-25-15 

The Bush Family

Florida Citizen’s Alliance

New Poll Destroys the Vision of the Elite GOP Leadership
Republican’s “Rock Star Status” Ignored by both the Media and GOP

On April 25, 2015 a random face-to-face poll was conducted in St. Augustine, Florida, testing the strength of two potential presidential candidates. The question was “Who would you vote for Sarah Palin or Jeb Bush?” The results are as follows:

1. Palin 55%
2. Bush 37%
3. Neither 8%

The poll was conducted by the Town Crier Committee. The Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, have been engaging the public in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida for over four years. The historic district hosts 5 million visitors per year.

The committee has been running a series of polls, testing the effects of media slander against Gov. Palin. The first poll was taken January 31, 2015. The poll involved Palin and Clinton. Palin received 74%. The second poll, on April 18, 2015, was after Clinton announced and the money scandal started to surface. Palin received 79%.

The Republicans have a Winner

Republicans have a winner. There is no one that the Democrats could put up that would beat Sarah Palin. They know it; the Republican leadership knows it. From conversations with Republicans on this subject this reporter concludes that the Party would prefer to lose an election than embrace the former Governor of Alaska. Governor Palin was a reformer. She cleaned up the corruption surrounding the oil industry in Alaska. If you were involved in the corruption, being a Republican didn’t save you. And then going rogue during the vice presidential campaign. The Republican elite do not want candidates that lead, they want followers. So, the Republicans are doing what they do when you go rogue; they shun you.

In an ABC interview with Neil Karlinsky, in January, Sarah Palin suggested that she might be interested in a presidential run. She has been to Iowa. Anyone going to Iowa is a potential candidate. Look at the long list of Republicans who are on the list, just because they went to Iowa. But this does not apply to Sarah Palin. The most charismatic Republican candidate is nowhere to be seen or mentioned.

The corruption in Washington is rampant. “The Clintons and the Bushes make a lot of money “helping people”. It is a cottage industry in Washington. With a Bush and a Clinton as your choice, the people lose,” a Tea Party spokesperson said.

The Public Loves Sarah because She’s a Real Person

The following observations were made during the polling: 1) Women were more likely to vote for Palin than Bush. 2) Age did not seem to be a factor. 3) Young Libertarians, who would have been horrified a few years ago to vote for a conservative, a neocon, were far more likely to vote for Palin because they are looking for someone real. 4) In fact, the public polled generally has great affection for Sarah because they perceive that she is “a real person” who would look out for their interests and not her own. She demonstrated that in Alaska. The public believe she stands for American values and decency; she speaks truth to power.

Over and above the fact that Palin won over Bush in this poll, is the realization that the Media’s negative characterization of Palin failed to convince the public who participated in this poll.

Examiner April 20th 2015 – Town Crier History:

Town Crier Poll

Town Crier Poll  –  TCC Staff

Hillary Decimated by Palin in Today’s Poll

The media and party polls continue to play each other off with this candidate or that one being beaten by Hillary. When another candidate beats Hillary, there is the proverbial declaration of “within the margin of error too close to call”. This is a never ending theme to fill airtime. The Town Criers ask you to consider their random poll. The Town Criers are a Committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party and have been conducting polls and interacting with the national audience in historic St. Augustine for over four years.

The poll taken April 18, 2015 is actually the second time the Criers pursued this question, “Who would you vote for Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?” On January 31, 2015, the Criers first asked the question. The purpose was to gauge the effectiveness of the media’s distortion and ridicule of Sarah Palin, and to test the effectiveness of the rejection of Sarah Palin by both political parties. The results of that poll were: 74% Palin, 6% Clinton and 20% neither.

Now that Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy for president, the question was asked again. The reader should bear in mind that this is not an opinion poll strictly from St. Augustine residents. Very few people on St. George Street, on any one day are from the city. St. George Street is populated by people from every state in the union, and many countries of the world. The poll was random and face-to-face. Only American citizens of voting age were allowed to participate.

Palin Wins Hands Down The results of today’s poll are:
1. Palin 79%
2. Neither 14%
3. Clinton 7%

And just this week CNN/ORC poll shows Clinton’s poll numbers dropping with voters.

It is time to stop listening to the progressive MSM media and start to listen to our hearts.  I even hear staunch conservatives who love Sarah Palin and what she stands for say they are afraid that she can’t win, because the that doubt has been placed in their head.  Time to stand with someone  is and who represents the average American… Sarah Palin can win!! Even CBS Finally Admitted Palin Is A Seasoned Executive – More Than Qualified To Be President.

As Paul Murphy at American Thinker wrote in February 2015:  Bottom line – Sarah Palin is what the country needs

The Thursday, February 5, article “Not Sarah Palin — not again,” by Jerry Shenk, struck me as dead wrong on all counts.

First, Sarah Palin is one of us, not one of them.

Second, the country needs a healer – someone who can rise above the mass media’s hate-fueled attacks while working to bring sanity back to government and ideological balance back to both major parties.  Sarah Palin can do this: she’s a deeply committed conservative who has consistently shown, and not just as governor and McCain’s running mate, but throughout her personal and political life, both an ability to work with the other side and a willingness to listen to others.

Third, Palin is electable – whether she takes Scott Walker, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich  or Ted Cruz along doesn’t really matter.  With her at the top of the ticket, the media will go berserk, and the same four million Tea Party voters who stayed home in 2012 will put her into the White House with a massive majority.

Palin excites where Democrats organize.  It almost doesn’t matter which dino you look at, the differences between a Palin rally and one of theirs are striking.  Even Warren (who I think will head up the ticket if for no other reason than the fact that following a faux American with a faux Pocahontas seems natural) can only marshal, not excite, her voters.  Look at Palin campaign videos posted on blogs and other non-major media sites, and you’ll see people getting emotionally involved, feeling the energy, talking to strangers, and expressing hope.  None of that happens when Clinton, Warren, or Obama speaks.  There you see the unmistakable signs of the few manipulating the many: people standing silently or in small groups that came together and will leave together, people throwing garbage on the floors, “spontaneous” demonstrators waving professionally made signs, and carefully cued cheering.

Fourth, she’s right much more often than most.  Almost every time she’s said something since 2007, the media have jumped all over how stupid she is, and later remembered only their own vitriol when time proved her right.

Fifth, the woman’s character is unimpeachable.  For eight years now she’s been the primary target for every liberal fascist from MSNBC and the New York Times to the Daily Kos – and none of them have found a thing.  As Romney discovered, it doesn’t matter whom the GOP puts up; the same campaign machine that can dedicate man-months of FBI time to Bridgegate but is unable to find even a smidgen of corruption at the IRS will go after even the most liberal candidate with all guns blazing.

Sixth, ‘The Key’ for the GOP to both beat Hillary in 2016 and nullify the carrot of ‘electing the first female president’ is running Sarah Palin at the top of the ticket!! Yes the GOP has Carly Fiorina, who is great, but she hasn’t been vetted and attacked like Sarah has and she does not have the experience as the Governor of the largest state in the U.S., as a candidate on the national scene who has been unfairly ripped to shreds and betrayed but is still standing; or in dealing with the oil companies!

So, bottom line?  Yes, Sarah, finally – because she’s what the country needs: hope, warmth, engagement, honesty; the kind of real Americanness that can come from only a true conservative: one who can make tough decisions, values contrary opinion, and never loses her moral compass.

              Is Sarah Palin Running for President? She Gives Details on GOP 2016 Race

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              1. mtkoma says:

                Here All Along – YouTube
                Video for youtube/sarahpalin-here all along▶ 2:33

              2. AK1989 says:

                you are a world-class idiot.

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              4. Herbert Moore says:

                I am all for Sarah Palin. I have faith in her strength of character, morals and intelligence. I fear for Sarah Palin. There are powerful and ruthless forces benefiting from the US Treasury that will do anything to protect their positions. May God protect Sarah, and the United States.

              5. Ryan gehris says:

                Bernie Sanders 2016!!!

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