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How Japan deals with Islam

This is very interesting and if you think that Japan is being too harsh on Islam, just think of what Islam has done to those that don’t convert to their way of life… And remember what happened in Paris. Ask … Continue reading

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Judge Jeanine Opening Statement – Christians Under Attack

Video:  “Christians Under Attack”  Investigating the Attacks on Christians

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What Christmas Really Means, And Why The Left Hates It

By Rob Miller – Joshua Pundit In two days, Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ..or as I, a non-Christian sometimes respectfully refer to him, Rav Yussel ben-Yosef. For among other … Continue reading

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Hanukkah, … The Jewish Festival of Lights

Hanukkah begins at sunset on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 (Today) And we want to thank our good friend Rob Miller from JoshuaPundit for allowing us to share his expertise on this subject! Joshua Pundit:  While many of you may be … Continue reading

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Politics and Religion… Lost Subjects in America

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion Politics,  religion… politicians (the ruling’ elite) and God are the entities and concepts that in one way or another affect everything in everyone’s lives.  Yet in America, where the common man was actually able to … Continue reading

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Gutfeld: Evil Grew Because We Let It and Obama on the Golf Course

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion Video: John Bolton On Obama Golf After Horrific Beheading Video: Is Obama Going Golfing All The Time A Problem Mark Levin Audio: ‘Get Your Ass Off The Golf Course… Act Like A President Or … Continue reading

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Kurds Sending All-Female Units To Battle ISIS: “Jihadists Think If They’re Killed By A Female They Won’t Go To Heaven”…

Love it. Via WSJ – h/t to Weasel Watchers: Battle-hardened after two years fighting Islamic State and other Islamist rebel groups in the multi-sided Syrian civil war, Kurdish guerrillas linked to the PKK have in recent weeks made a series … Continue reading

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