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Please Join Us in A Much Needed Prayer

Joshua Pundit: Please join me in prayer for Michelle Malkin’s daughter Veronica, now suffering from a life threatening respiratory ailment. For Jews, the prayer for a Refuah Shlema is here: Mi-sheberakh avoteinu v’imoteinu, [Avraham v’Sarah, Yitzhak v’Rivkah, Ya’akov, Rachel v’Leah … Continue reading

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The Council Has Spoken!! Our Watcher’s Council Results – 03.06.15

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up. “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end … Continue reading

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Watcher’s Council Nominations – Let’s Make A Deal Edition – 03.04.15

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by … Continue reading

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Beating the Odds – Part One

By Marion Algier  –  Ask Marion  –  Cross-Posted at THITW 1600+ Americans die every day of Cancer.  At the turn of the 20th Century 1 in 200 Americans developed Cancer… today (2015) 1 out of 3 Americans will have Cancer … Continue reading

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What Christmas Really Means, And Why The Left Hates It

By Rob Miller – Joshua Pundit In two days, Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ..or as I, a non-Christian sometimes respectfully refer to him, Rav Yussel ben-Yosef. For among other … Continue reading

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‘Why I’m Considering Quitting,’ Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt has been an ardent fighter for freedom in the battle to get the needed information out.  If she quits, it would be a great loss!  Marion~ Gulag Bound –  Cross-Posted at the NoisyRoom Even the most dynamic of … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz and Dad… Paster Rafael Cruz (Event Videos)

Video: Sen. Ted Cruz and Pastor Rafael Cruz at Washington A Man Of Prayer 2014 Video: Sen. Ted Cruz at Citizens Against Government Waste Pig Book Press Conference Video: Sen. Ted Cruz Discussion on Faith & Freedom in the Public … Continue reading

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