War on Christmas is Part of the Overall War on Religion… a Move Toward a ‘New Age’ – a NWO with a One World Religion and Often From Within Churches

OReilly and Jeffries - 42-300x193Let’s face it, Bill O’Reilly, is the de facto leader of the brigade in the War on the War on Christmas, mostly because actual Christian pastors have not really expressed O’Reilly’s level of outrage. On his show tonight, O’Reilly asked pastor Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas, why Christian leaders have not been more outraged over the attack on Christian values. Jeffress laid the blame squarely on “wimpy pastors” and the “wimpy Christians” their congregations create.

“We can’t win the culture war unless the church believes in the power of Christ.” Jeffress said

The War on Christmas (and religion) verses the Spirit of Christmas Series at AskMarion – 15 –  h/t to MJ

Video:  Dr. Jeffress on The O’Reilly Factor: Wimpy Christians Are the Reason We’re Losing the Culture War

The Lord is my Shepherd, not some man in a fancy suit

Christian cross SC The Need for a Christian Worldview of Freedom and Economics


By Coach Dave Daubenmire  – December, 2012  –  NewsWithViews.com

One of my dear friends just received a few more bruises from another battle with “the authorities.” Not the government free-speech deniers, but those passive bullies known as Christian-leadership.

He just went toe-to-toe with the Christian version of the Obama administration. They will be ticked off because I am writing about this, because the last thing they want is for anyone to expose their deception, but I believe that sunlight is always the best disinfectant.

1Co 11:3 “Now I want you to realize that Christ is the head of every man…”

Let me make this clear. The Lord is my Shepherd, not some man in a fancy suit. I answer to the Lord. He is my Spiritual leader.

And so should you. Ultimately, we will all stand before Him and give account for what we have done. You will be alone. Your pastor won’t be there with you.

Submission to authority is not absolute. Ask the Germans if bowing down to Hitler was the right decision. Our submission is to the Word of God, not to an authority structure. Christ is the Head of the church. Not the pastor, not the elder board. Christ is the head…and the head of everyman.

“Obey God, rather than man.”

“Touch not thine anointed” is the club that they use to swat frisky Christians over the head. Blind loyalty to any man is just that…blind. I’ll have no part of it.

Absolute submission is foolishness. God gave you a mind and a backbone. Use both.

My friend saw trouble in the leadership. He saw sin in the camp. He took it to “the Pastor.” The pastor did not like his “lack of submission.” He told my friend that a church has to operate according to an “authority structure.” He explained to my friend that God put the structure in place. To question it, or fail to obey it is “divisive.”

He pounded my friend over the head with Romans 13.

But my buddy clubbed back with the Ephesians 5:11. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” The leader didn’t like that. God had ordained the authority structure in this situation and my buddy was to follow it, he demanded.

What if the actions of those in the authority chain were un-biblical and sinful, my buddy posited?

He responded that we were all “flawed people” and that God could do good things even through “bad kings” as long as we obeyed.

(I am not making this up.)

What if the actions of leadership are harmful to the sheep, my friend pushed. What if the lying to the sheep was causing a hemorrhaging in the body?

The Shepherd merely gritted his fangs more firmly. He was used to obedient sheep, compliant sheep that would merely baaa as they were fleeced. He wanted more than anything to stuff a wool sock in this trouble-making goat’s mouth.

My friend followed the Biblical pattern when he first discovered the sin. –Mathew 18:15-17

Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

Step 1. He went to his brother and he would not hear. He went back to him with a brother. He would not change.

Step 2. He went up the chain of command. His superior would not listen. He took a brother with and went back to him. Empty promises were spoken, not action taken.

Step 3. He went to the big cheese who referred him back to step 1. (Circular management.)

Step 4. He took eight witnesses with him in a meeting with all three of the “spiritual authorities.” Nothing was done. But they were ticked. How dare he get a “lynch mob?”

Step 5. He released they information to “the elders” above the authorities. He did it in a private communication to them.

Step 6. He ended up back in a meeting with the top two” hirelings” he had already met with. The chastised him for not being a “team player” and questioning their “authority.” His actions were “divisive” and had to stop. He was harming “the ministry.” It was time “to go a different direction” with my friend’s position.

Every word I have written is true. They can’t deny it. They just don’t want anyone to hear it…or believe it. They want to cover it up…kill the messenger…protect “the ministry.”

I see it more plainly than I ever have. Most “pastors” does not want bold men…they want compliant men. They are not interested in men being leaders…they want men to be followers. They do not train men to confront sin…they train men to accept sin. They don’t want men to be independent Christians dependent on Christ…they want them to be dependent Christians dependent on them. They don’t want men who will question authority…they want men who will submit to authority.

Submission to sinful authority is exactly how we got in this mess in America. It started in the church. Looking the other way at sin in the camp led to more sin. Mercy without judgment emboldened others. The “we are all sinners” mantra justified sinful behavior. As the Christians became more polluted, the church became more polluted. Obedience to un-Godly authority led to acceptance of un-Godly behavior. The sin-sick church led to a sin-sick world. Disobedience to the Bible led to disobedience to the Constitution. Disobedience to the Constitution led to tyrannical government. Tyrannical government led to the fleecing of the sheep.

It is not hard to follow this circular path.

A bold, out-spoken, strong Christian man is a rarity these days because our “Pastors” club them into submission with the “submit to authority” jack hammer. “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson told us.

Sadly, more often than not, the man wearing the backwards-collar is the greatest tyrant. Why would a mature Christian man need the approval of a “pastor” to do what is right?

Christians are being submitted to death. We are taught to submit. Submit to un-Godly laws. Submit to un-Godly politicians. Submit to un-Godly court decisions. Submit to un-Godly government regulations. Submit our children to soul-killing government education. Submit to government theft. Submit to the trampling of the individual conscience. Submit to the shackles of over-burdensome public debt. Submit our children to “children-services.” Jesus will save us!

Wimpy pastors produce wimpy church members…

Bill O'Reilly reports on the "war on Christmas"

DOOMSDAY 2012–“Spiritual Onslaught” Steve Quayle w/Russ Dizdar (Video) – Everyone is trying to make sense of this horrific event in Connecticut; the shooting of 20 children, 28 people total and again there is already talk about gun control all over the media. This is not a gun control issue, it is part of the spiritual war going on all around us.  Around 1 hour 28 min. in the Doomsday video above,  it talks about how churches will be attacked from within – infiltrators who are “sleepers” are in the church and the evil around us. And as to the gun control issue, if people don’t have guns, they will use knives: China school knife attack in Henan injures 22 children  The truth is that there are more attacks in gun-free zones.  Don’t e sucked into the ploy by the left to attack the second amendment over this and every shooting incident. The best thing we could do is have someone trained and armed at our schools! (In 2011, Connecticut was rated the fifth toughest state on gun control by the pro-gun control Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence). But as we saw, Gun-control laws failed Connecticut children and the American Family Association, Mike Huckabee and Other Pastors Blame Connecticut Shooting on Lack of God in Public Schools.  (Former FBI Informant: Obama Will Destroy America Once He Has All The Guns)

Spiritual warfare and the war on religion comes from many sides, but all routed in evil. The ruling elite or globalists are planning for a New World Order and if they have their way, with it will come a new global currency for a socialist world economic system that will be managed by the PE’s planned World Socialist Government which will emerge as the “World-State” from a conference in Basra, Iraq as foretold by Fabian Socialist H. G. Wells in his book The New World Order (1939). (With it will also ultimately come a one world religion if they have their way… wonder why there is a war on Christmas? On Israel?) FULL ARTICLE  Celebs like Oprah and the indoctrination of a youth culture fascinated with the occult have been paving the way.

Evil has descended on our Nation and will continue it’s grip unless we return to God and prayer!  “Tolerating evil as good, will only beget us more evil”, Keith Davie – the Shoebat Foundation.

Confronting our spiritual bankruptcyBy Douglas J. Hagmann

15 December 2012:  The clamor that is about to dominate the next several news cycles will be the usual stable of pundits engaging in obligatory verbal hand-wringing over the unthinkable death of innocents in a small Connecticut town. Newtown was once a town where life was the imitation of a Norman Rockwell painting, and where any of those young children whose lives were shortened by unimaginable madness could have been the very faces depicted in the paintings by Rockwell himself.

Full story

Final 2 paragraphs

We will indeed hear the cacophony of debates about gun laws over the next few weeks, but such debates and those advancing their own agenda will never address the real reason we find ourselves sobbing with our heads in our hands. Until we realize that our problems began when we declared God as an unwelcomed guest in our nation and opened ourselves to a coexistence with evil, will be even begin to repair the damage caused by years of spiritual defilement.

Can we walk back the evil we have accepted, embraced and even exported? Unless we direct the argument to its root cause, and refuse to continue our subjugation to the evil thrust upon us by a leadership of the un-Godly, then it is unlikely.


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If you know of someone who needs help… be a light and help always, but especially during this Christmas season~

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