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Our Weasels Of The Week!! 12.30.14

It’s time again for the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for Award the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or … Continue reading

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Welcome to the 1930s

Thoughts and Remembering the 1930’s By Roger L. Smith – PJ Meda: When I was a kid, I mean a little kid, my favorite nurse in my father’s office — he was a doctor — was Mrs. Mindus. I’m not … Continue reading

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Dogs of War – Photos From the Frontlines Revisited

Thursday’s Awesome Photos From The Frontlines: The Dogs Of War – Pat Dollard Mar 21, 2013 – Jake Hammer – Originally Cross-Posted at Just One More Pet and at Ask Marion on 3.22.13 Related: Ronald Reagan Honors America and Our … Continue reading

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Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe Accused Of Colluding To Suppress Wages

Video: Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe Accused Of Colluding To Suppress Wages IRS Considers Taxing Work Perks Like Food & Gym Membership Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe Accused Of Colluding To Suppress Wages – Judge Andrew Napolitano – Stuart Varney

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The Elephant…s in the Room

By Marion Algier – AskMarion Political Correctness, intimidation, white-guilt, purposeful division and the creation of separated groups, fear, mis & disinformation, purposely created distractions, and the general dumbing down of America have created ‘Elephants in the Room’ that nobody will … Continue reading

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Hopeful News: LA City Animal Shelter Deaths Plummet by Nearly Half During First Two Years of Best Friends Animal Society’s NKLA Initiative

“Lives are at stake.  Not only is this program important for Los Angeles, but we are laying a path forward for other cities to follow [in] making no-kill an achievable goal,”  says Batista Digital Journal: Success of coalition approach to … Continue reading

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Bombshell: Pentagon ‘didn’t know’ Benghazi annex existed

This Raises major questions about what the U.S. was doing in that secretive facility… and it looks worse for Hillary and Obama by the day! WND: The extensive Senate report on the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack dropped a major, … Continue reading

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