Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control

Video:  Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control


Wondering What Happened With Obama’s Watered-Down Gun Speech?

A Superstar In NY==> State Senator Greg Ball Eviscerates Cuomo After Gun Control Law Passes

No Gun Control Through Presidential Executive Order

She survived Hitler and wants to warn America

The Unserious Gun Control Debate


Biden: Obama To Sign 19 Executive Orders On Guns, Including Assault Rifle Ban

Obama Administration Hiding Info on Targeted Killings of American – Senator

Sandy Hook Hoax and Cover-up… to Promote Obama’s Gun Control Agenda

The Australian Gun Ban

CNN’s Piers Morgan to be taken off air?

Sandy Hook Planned: Video Tribute Video Uploaded Weeks Before Massacre

The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information

This Is How a Secret Gun Provision Made its Way Into Obamacare Legislation

Staged Shootings, Banking Fraud, Gun Confiscation Legislation, and Manipulation of Minds

Any Gun Shot wounded at Sandy Hook?

Obama Admin Defended Agents Putting Gun To Little Girl’s Head

Gun Confiscation in Ten Easy Steps

Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline

The Newtown School Tragedy: More than One Gunman?


Video: 2 Mass Shootings Connected To Libor Scandal

Video: Connecticut School Massacre Looks Like False Flag Says Witnesses


Former FBI Informant Says: Obama Will Destroy America Once He Has All The Guns… as Details of False Flag and Conspiracy in Connecticut Shooting Appear

Real gun threat: Illegal-alien street gangs

Gov. Cuomo attacks "assault" weapons with seemingly no knowledge of what they are

Biden flips: Obama could rule on gun control by executive order, Beck Reacts on Radio

Shocker! ‘Vaccine’ prevents gun violence

NRA Releases List of Celebrities, Organizations that Support Gun Control

FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year than Rifles

Biden: Obama Considering Executive Orders on Guns

All NYC Gun Owners Posted Online

Pravda tells America: Keep your guns

English Warning To Americans: DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

Statistics contradict claims of gun control advocates

NRA: Guns Let Americans Take Care of Themselves, That’s Why ‘Elite Media’ Hates Them

Gun Control Dictator Style – Tyrants Who Banned Firearms Before Slaughtering The People

Rahm Emanuel Attempts to Revive Gun Control After Failure in Illinois Assembly

It Begins… Democratic Lawmaker Calls for Confiscation of Guns

Columbine Remembered — What a great speech!


Ha Ha Ha! Obamacare Senate Amendment Forbids Ammo and Gun Registration

This Is How a Secret Gun Provision Made its Way Into Obamacare Legislation

Wyoming Lawmakers Propose ‘Gun Protection’ Legislation

Utah Makes Arming Households a Top Priority

Texas to Join Wyoming: Felony Charges for Enforcing New Gun Control

In Switzerland every citizen is given a gun, taught how to use it for their protection. No wars and safest country in the world…

NRA: 100,000 new members after Sandy Hook shooting

Judge Napolitano: “Let us remember, the 2nd amendment wasn’t written so we could go hunting!” In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.".” See Video of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional Testimony: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For, below (u-tube HERE).

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