Sarah Palin: Obama is a LIAR ON ENERGY

Sarah Palin speaking at Alaska pipeline

By Sarah Palin

President Obama’s claim that the Keystone pipeline would create “maybe 2,000 jobs” during its construction is such a blatant lie that even his friends at Politifact were forced to rate it false.

The Alaska pipeline is a good example of the boom created by construction of a pipeline – a job boom that continues to this day with thousands of workers on the North Slope. During its construction and pre-construction phase, the Alyeska pipeline project employed some 70,000 workers from 1969 through 1977.

During its peak, that pipeline provided 17% of the U.S. domestic supply of energy – that’s billions of barrels of oil. To deny the multiple benefits involved in building the Keystone pipeline – from job creation to securing a reliable source of energy from an environmentally responsible country like Canada – is just ludicrous. It’s more of what we’ve come to expect from the Obama administration and his lapdog spokesmen.

Sarah Palin Schools Dishonest Bob Beckel on Alaska Pipeline

Governor Sarah Palin and staff seen with Alaska pipeline in 2009

By Gary P Jackson – A time For Choosing

Bob Beckel is Fox News’ version of comic relief. The man is a complete hack, and spouts the party line, no matter how ridiculous, or inaccurate.

Bob’s brother, Graham, is a pretty good actor, having starred in some major films. That talent obviously runs in the family, because few people would have the skill to say some of the things Bob does, and keep a straight face! I’ve also seen Bob act normal at times, and even make sense on key issues, so I have my doubts that he even believes half the outrageous things he says.
On Wednesday’s The Five Beckel followed the White House’s lead while discussing the proposed Keystone Pipeline. Several days ago, President Obama told one of his most egregious lies to date [and that’s saying something] by claiming the Keystone Pipeline would only create 50 jobs, when in fact, it will create between 40-50,000 permanent jobs. Good paying, durable jobs. And that doesn’t include an almost like number of support jobs in the service industry.
During the discussion on The Five Beckel, defending Dear Leader Obama, claimed the Alaska Pipeline, a system that produces nearly 20% of the oil Americans consume, only employs “around 100 people.”Before becoming the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was the Chairman of the powerful Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The AOGCC is Alaska’s oil and natural gas regulatory body. The commission is in charge of all things energy and environmental in the state.
Palin is a recognized authority on energy related issues, and certainly knows Alaska’s oil business inside and out.
As you can imagine, Governor Palin was quick to to correct Bob! She took to Twitter to and shredded him.

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13 Responses to Sarah Palin: Obama is a LIAR ON ENERGY

  1. Joy Thompson says:

    Obama is so used to pontificating to his minions that he tends to forget that there are those of us out here who haven’t drank the kool-aid and who still have functioning brains. How annoying it must be for him to have to put up with us all.

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