A Superstar In NY==> State Senator Greg Ball Eviscerates Cuomo After Gun Control Law Passes

Video:  A Superstar In NY==> State Senator Greg Ball Eviscerates Cuomo After Gun Control Law Passes

Via Business Insider.

The New York Senate on Monday passed the first sweeping new gun measures since the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., last month. The bill will be taken up by the New York assembly this morning and is expected to pass easily into law.

The bill includes a strict assault weapons ban and will also entail additional restrictions on ammunition and gun sales. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled the proposal on Monday after weeks of negotiations with lawmakers, and waived the typical three-day waiting period to get the bill passed immediately.

Wow, this is obviously a man to watch. Every day we must look for men and women who are not afraid and Ball seems like he’s one of them. He’s speaking regarding the passage of New York’s new gun control law, pushed by their governor Andrew Cuomo and pulls no punches. (HT to @AdamSBaldwin on Twitter)

h/t to the NoisyRoom  &  Tammy Bruce…

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