Progressive NBC Media Anchorman Brian Williams Evokes Romney’s Sense of Humor

Romney jokes at the expense of Brian Williams


On Wednesday, Mitt Romney told Brian Williams, the NBC News anchor, that he will not announce his VP pick while he is abroad:

“I can tell you I’m not gonna announce it this week. While I’m overseas, I’m not gonna announce my vice presidential running mate. But when the decision is made, I’ll make that announcement. It’s not made yet. But I can’t tell you when it’s gonna be. That’s something which we’ll decide down the road.”, said GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Romney refused to be bullied by Williams, who was indirectly responsible for the ‘Editgate’ scandal which supported Barack Obama’s racially charged response to the Trayvon Martin incident, and who once stuck his finger in President George W. Bush’s face.

When Williams tried to prod Romney and paint him the way the Democrats would want him to, asking Romney if he was looking to choose “an incredibly boring white guy”, insinuating like himself, as VP, Williams was in for a surprise.

For a guy who has a reputation for being a bit boring… or at least he is being painted that way by the MSM, Romney showed a quick and sharp sense of humor, swiftly eviscerating Williams with a chuckle: “You told me you were not available”!

Williams admitted defeat in the exchange, responding with “Touché, governor”.

Touché indeed, governor!  Who said Mitt Romney doesn’t have a sense of humor and is a boring white guy?


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7 Responses to Progressive NBC Media Anchorman Brian Williams Evokes Romney’s Sense of Humor

  1. Erinzoo says:

    Thank you, yet another fantastic bit.

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