Romney-Ryan: America’s New Dream Team and a Clear Choice – Updated

By Ask Marion

Over the past four years Americans have seen higher unemployment, declining incomes, and crushing debt. This cannot be the new normal. America needs a comeback.  Team Romney-Ryan are America’s comeback team.  They really are the right team for the times!!

Ryan Quotes:

  • “Over the years I have seen and heard from a lot from families, from a lot of those who are running small businesses, and from people who are in need. But what I have heard lately, that’s what troubles me the most. There is something different in their voice and in their words. What I hear from them are diminished dreams, lowered expectations, uncertain futures.”
  • “I hear some people say that this is just ‘the new normal.’ High unemployment, declining incomes and crushing debt is not a new normal … And next January, our economy will begin a comeback with the Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class that will lead to more jobs and more take-home pay for working Americans.”
  • “I’m proud to stand with a man who understands what it takes to foster job creation in our economy, someone who knows from experience, that if you have a small business—you did build that.”
  • “Mitt Romney is this kind of leader … And together, we will unite America and get this done.”

Some commented that Ryan was a bit stiff in his roll out speech (Paul Ryan’s remarks) but he has quickly found his wings and wowed them at the Iowa state fair.  Remember, Ryan has had the courage to go head to head with Obama and has proposed alternative plans for both a budget (more than once) and ObamaCare.  “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?” has become Ryan’s new battle cry?

The Ryan choice was a bold pick, some even say a radical pick, and a top Romney adviser says the selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate was all Mitt Romney’s decision, and Romney officials refer to the pick as "the partner." The two began campaigning together months ago and looked pretty chummy on the trail. Being friends is not necessary and not always the case with presidents and vice presidents but if they are going to work together closely it certainly helps!  Romney bonded with Ryan during the Wisconsin Republican primary battle last spring when Ryan campaigned enthusiastically for the former Massachusetts governor and they often appeared together.  Both men are number crunchers, nice guys and principled family men. And Ryan seems to bring out the best in Romney. For Romney, an outsider to Washington, Ryan provides some expertise in dealing with Congress. But as a long-time member of the House, Ryan lacks executive experience, so as a former governor, businessman and head of the Utah Olympics, Mitt brings that experience to the ticket. The two men compliment each other.

As to the ‘Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee’ pick being radical, these are unprecedented times and we need radical solutions!

Team Romney did and excellent job keeping the Ryan pick under wraps and the Romney advance teams did an awesome job getting the Romney/Ryan supporters out in Manassas, Virginia and High Point, North Carolina.  The Romney campaign raised $3.5 million online in the 24 hours following the Ryan announcement ($7.5 Million plus over the weekend). Ryan’s polls have also risen by 15% since the VP announcement.

Although the far left began virtually immediately with the mud slinging everyone else from moderate Democrats (the few that are left) to independents and even the so-called far right sound somewhere between hopeful to happy with the Ryan pick.

The despicable Democrat demonization machine however immediately launched familiar false attacks on Paul Ryan’s budget proposals and dusted off their Mediscare tactics. The Obama campaign led the attack, launching a negative website within minutes of Mitt Romney’s official announcement.

The Democrat attack machine will do everything they can to undermine Ryan’s favorability numbers. Before the announcement Rasmussen reported that 39 percent of all voters had a favorable opinion of Ryan, while only 25 percent had a negative review and the approval number have risen since the announcement.

But leftist rags to the New York Times immediately put out a negative press about Paul Ryan’s economic plan full to half truths, innuendos and down right falsehoods, and the leftist pundits like the vile Debbie Wasserman Schultz showed up on Fox spewing her normal misleading and untrue talking points rather than answering the questions put before her. But the DNC Chair Got Blitzed By Wolf On Her False Medicare Attacks.

And if this weekend is a good example, even though Romney and Ryan asked for a change in tone of the campaign to move toward civility and focus on the real issues, it doesn’t sound like Team Obama has any intention of moving from their attack dog style where the truth has just been a mere inconvenience.

The Moderate Voice wrote: With this announcement it sounds as if Team Romney finally is getting it’s political act together: Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his Veep pick Rep. Paul Ryan will appear on CBS’ 60 Minutes tonight:

Reasons why this is important:

1. The announcement about Ryan got lots of new and old media coverage yesterday so this builds on the momentum of the announcement, which will continue to dominate the news.
2. Given his and other GOPers’ current history, you would have expected that the ticket would first appear on Fox News and get softball questions from Republican’s favorite interviewer, de facto partisan p.r. man Sean Hannity. And that would have gotten a lot of mention and also solidified in the minds of some voters the image of a ticket that’s narrow in appeal.
3. Schieffer is a superb newsman, a protégé of the late Walter Cronkite and, I have long maintained, the person who should have replaced Cronkite. He isn’t another ideologue or partisan who interviews candidates he’s trying to elect by tossing softball questions or questions aimed at making them look good. He’s trying to extract information from them.
4. The show will get huge ratings.
5. The interview allows the new political team to try and define themselves before a large number of views of many ages and political persuasions to offset the onslaught of definition that will come their way from Camp Obama.

Overall? A smart political move indicating Romney-Ryan intends to try and take its message beyond Fox News, Rush and conservative bloggers.

The new team appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday after appearing together in what was called Ryan’s Homecoming Party in Janesville Wisconsin, his home town, where Ryan was caught wiping away a tear taking the stage, where a crowd of 10,000+ supporters turned out.  The 60 Minute interview went well, however: ’60 Minutes’ Edited Out Crucial Point by Ryan.  After the 60 Minute interview Ryan was off to the Iowa State Fair and Romney to Florida where he met up with Senator Marco Rubio and Attorney General Pam Bondi.  Sunday was the last time the men will campaign together until the Convention in Tampa.

Video: Romney & Ryan on 60 minutes Aug-12-2012

According to Scott Rasmussen, Romney’s roll-out of his vice presidential pick is/was as important as the choice itself because “most Americans will learn all they know about the new name on the ticket during the week the candidate is introduced. While 69% of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Ryan, 42% of voters not affiliated with either major political party have no opinion of him one way or the other at this point.”

Paul Ryan has turned out to be a very good choice by Mitt Romney. It has energized the Conservative base and the TEA Party wing of the Republican coalition. It will also made it more likely that the campaign will be a debate about the size of government, out of control spending, entitlements, as well as the jobs, and the Obamacrats incessant demands for more taxes — Romney’s private equity versus Obama’s public equity or “Government-Centered Society.

As Romney campaigned in Florida with Marco Rubio and Pam Bondi, addressing many of the falsehoods being floated by the Democrats and taking questions that primarily focused on the concerns of seniors and possible differences between Romney’s and Ryan’s economic and budget plans.  Romney pointed out that he and VP pick Ryan do not agree on everything but that they will combine their plans.

When Brit Hume, who got the first one on one interview with VP pick Paul Ryan, asked: “When will we see your combined budget and financial plan?”, Ryan responded that they want to get input and go through the process for the American people to watch, (for both the budget and replacement healthcare reform bills) not hidden behind closed doors, like ObamaCare was passed and forced on the American people without most knowing what was in the bill.

“This president stole, he didn’t cut Medicare, he stole $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare,” RNC Chairman Priebus said. “If any person in this entire debate has blood on their hands in regard to Medicare, it’s Barack Obama. He’s the one that’s destroying Medicare.” (

The Return of Mediscare began almost immediately by Team Obama  But Romney-Ryan believe that Granny and Gramps are a lot smarter than the Dems think they are!


  • Seniors…  You cannot be for Medicare and for ObamaCare… Obama takes $700 Billion plus from Medicare to help pay for ObamaCare – Romney-Ryan will repeal ObamaCare and replace it with real reform.
  • The Democrats have no budget plan or plan to solve the debt problem.  Both Romney and Ryan have plans that they will combine.  (Harry Reid has blocked a vote on a federal budget for 3-years now.  Obama will be the only president to complete a term, spending like a drunken sailor… sorry sailors, without ever having a budget.)
  • Nobody 55 or older will be affected by an Medicare changes.
  • Ryan will not gut the ‘support net and senior benefits’  system.  Ryan’s mom is a senior who lives in Florida and after Ryan’s father died, their family needed and received assistance to survive on.
  • The leftist ideologues and Team Obama minions immediately pounced on the Ryan pick.  Peggy Noonan says “Ryan is liked by pretty much everyone except the far left, so Team Obama and their media minions and pundits will try to kill him quickly with falsehoods”.
  • The Left, who has no record or plan to run on, will resort to the same lies of Ryan throwing granny over the cliff even though that campaign has already been proven to be false.  Word is they are already planning another ‘Granny over the Cliff’ commercial.
  • If we do not address the entitlement spending problems, Medicare will be bankrupt by 2024.  Ryan;s plan would save it for future generations.  The National Review featured a great piece on the Medicare last week.
  • Entitlement reform(s) are at the center and must be addressed to rehab the economy and turn around the national debt. It is the issue that Team Obama and politicians on both sides of the aisle have avoided for years.
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have called for the stop of negativity and falsehoods in the 2012 campaign and for the shift of focus on facts, plans and solutions instead.  No more smears and falsehoods… “Let’s take the campaign out of the gutter”, said Romney in Wisconsin over the weekend.  Yet Team Obama and their minions have continued, if not stepped up, their negative and attack campaign and ads.

In a matter of two days, Obama tried to drag out the Mitt dog story (receiving boos for the attempt); Joe Biden made a reference to a strongly black audience implying that the Romney-Ryan ticket would put them back in chains (also receiving boos) and the newest Obama panic is Romney’s crowds (and if you compared the Obama-Biden crowds to the Romney-Ryan crowds over the past few days, Team Obama has reason to worry!).

I am still hearing a faction of conservatives, independents and informed moderate Democrats (a rare breed these days) who have been yelling ABO… ‘Anyone but Obama’ for years now, debating the pros and cons of the Romney-Ryan ticket.  There is nothing to debate!  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are willing to take on the tough subjects and problems and solve them and they love America and capitalism.  Obama will continue the unbridled spending, meaning job numbers and the economy will just continue to get worse, while continuing his ideological fundamental transformation of America into a country that most people won’t recognize or want. Those are your only two choices and not voting is a vote for Obama.  Discussion over… Romney-Ryan is the team for the times and they are the guys who can get the job of turning America around done!  America now has a clear choice.


Video: Erskine Bowles: Ryan budget is "sensible…honest, serious" – Erskine Bowles was the Democratic co-chair of President Barack Obama‘s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform with Alan K. Simpson  -  And Dem Erskine Bowles says he is not backing away from his previous praise of Rep. Paul Ryan

Video: DNC Chair Gets Blitzed By Wolf On False Medicare Attacks

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Romney-Ryan is the right team for this moment!!

Romney-Ryan are just the guys to turn things around; the right team for the times!

clip_image001 Must Reads Before Election 2012

If the lessons of history teach us anything, it is that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us. Perhaps it is time to start…

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