Obama Trade Agenda Now Hangs in the Balance…

By Marion Algier – AskMarion

Obama’s trade agenda now hangs in the balance.  Why?  A day for miracles that perhaps helps explain Paul Ryan’s gaffe and his attack on Drudge and Breitbart News for exposing ObamaTrade (TPA).  Seems Ryan and Pelosi have gone through some type of shift changing?!?  Who knew that Paul Ryan was really Paul Pelosi? Yep, Paul Ryan pulled a Pelosi by saying we peasants can read the ObamaTrade TPA bill once the imperial congress rams it down our throats. Must be something in the cheese up in Wisconsin?!? Perhaps its time for RINO Paul Ryan to officially join the Democrats. He’s now shown all his cards, but then the miracle… Nancy Ryan is standing against this bill… meaning against global governance and for once against Obama?

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Ryan on Fox and Friends:

“Let’s talk about trade. Very odd situation – the president is fighting without Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), without Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), with republicans to get his trade authority passed through. You’ve already discovered through Breitbart and others that there were some provisions in there for climate change, provisions in there for immigration,” Brian Kilmeade asked. “You’ve looked to knock that out and push this forward. Where are you at with trade authority? And are you questioning your own support of it?”

Ryan responded by attacking Breitbart News and others on the internet, like the Drudge Report, which has been hammered his support of Obamatrade as well.

Look, first of all, don’t believe everything you read on the internet, Brian. just let me give you a little tip there. Second of all, this is why we need to pass Trade Promotion Authority. What we have in Trade Promotion Authority is a prevention of any immigration changes, of any climate change legislation going into a trade agreement. So by passing Trade Promotion Authority, we’re putting congress in the driver’s seat which is transparency.

We need to see the documents, the country needs to see these trade agreements—60 days. Oh, and you cannot put any immigration in here and you can’t put any climate change in a trade agreement. So, this is why we want to pass Trade Promotion Authority, so we can determine the outcome of these trade agreements not what’s happening out there right now. That’s why we’re asserting power and control here. Look a broken clock is right twice a day. The president is actually supporting trade, which is what Republicans are in favor of and that’s why we are where we are.

The hosts weren’t convinced. “One of the things on the internet – so you can tell us whether or not it’s true. So, for the most part everybody on Capitol Hill is in the dark … you don’t really know what’s in it yet, because you haven’t seen it, so it’s hard to support it one way or another?” Ryan was asked.

“No, no, no,” Ryan replied.

There’s a lot of confusion. Trade Promotion Authority—what we’re voting on this week—is a process. It’s not a trade agreement. It’s a procedure for how you consider trade agreement. The Transpacific Partnership – it doesn’t exist yet. The reason we can’t see it yet is because it hasn’t been negotiated yet – it doesn’t exist yet. It’s been negotiated for years. Bush started these negotiations.

“So you’re voting on an idea tomorrow?” Doocy asked him.

“No we’re voting on a procedure,” Ryan said. “How does Congress consider trade agreements? Then in the fall, probably in the fall, we’ll consider a trade agreement—which hasn’t been completed yet. That’s why we don’t know what’s in it because it doesn’t exist yet.”


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