ObamaTrade Dies In The House!!

Breaking: ObamaTrade Dies In The House!! – Rob Miller at Joshua Pundit

President Obama’s attempt to screw America’s workers and promote massive globalization failed in the House, as Democrats on the Left combined in an odd menage’ with conservative Republicans to defeat the Obama Administration’s secret protocol giving the president executive authority to ‘fast track’ trade agreements that were more about immigration, global warming and establishing an EU-like bureaucracy than about trade.

President Obama made an exhaustive pitch to Democrats, saying that voting against the bill was ‘voting against me.’ It failed dismally.

It was also a defeat for the GOP establishment leadership, as John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell did everything but hold a gun to the heads of GOP conservatives to get them to vote in favor of the bill.

A substantial reason this went down is simple. The bill itself was held in a closely guarded secret room, only select members of congress were even allowed to see it, and they were not permitted to take photographs or notes, or even to discuss it with the media. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), one of the few who read the bill, was particularly vociferous about how bad it was, saying that if the American people knew what was in it, the bill “would be dead.”

This president, who pledged ‘the most transparent administration in history’ has been caught lying one too many times, and the same applies to the GOP leadership. No one trusts them any more. And when GOP committee chairman Paul Ryan started echoing Rep. Nancy Pelosi on ObamaCare, essentially saying we had to pass the bill to know what was in it, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The Democrats and Republicans whom voted to flush this nonsense and send it where such items belong deserve our thanks, no matter what their reasons were. And that includes Nancy Pelosi, who performed one of the few worthwhile deeds in her long congressional career by voting to kill this  disgrace ad safeguard American workers.
As for the Republicans, it’s long past time they got rid of Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the GOP establishment leadership.

When you lie down with pigs, some of the stench sticks to you no matter what. If the GOP is to continue as a viable party, it’s time they drove the thieves out of the Temple.

UPDATE: Here’s a list of congress members whom voted against ObamaTrade…

*Ironically Progressives, including Nancy Pelosi, for the first time honestly came together with Conservatives and thwarted Barack Obama’s New World Order agendaJeff Sessions was on point but the ‘Republican establishment leadership’… John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell’s betrayal almost cost Americans their jobs and freedom.  Time for a new Speaker!!

There is rumor that Boehner may call for another vote in the House on ObamaTrade on Tuesday.  He might think twice or there may finally be a call for a vote for a new Speaker instead!


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