Remembering September 4, 2008: Governor Sarah Palin’s Historic RNC Vice Presidential Nomination Speech

I love this speech and listen to it every so often to remember. It gives me hope that she and others like her are out there!!  Thanks to Gary at a Time For Choosing for the post and the walk back down memory lane; it made me smile!! 

September 4, 2008: Governor Sarah Palin’s Historic RNC Vice Presidential Nomination Speech

Sarah Palin 9-04-2008

By Gary P Jackson

Man time really flies. Just five short years ago yesterday, over 40 million Americans tuned in to watch Alaska Governor Sarah Palin become the first woman in history to accept the Republican nomination for Vice President of these United States.

This was the most important speech of Sarah Palin’s life, at the time, and a high pressure, do or die situation. Senator McCain had been losing to Senator Obama, and Sarah Palin was chosen, after both internal and external pleas, demanding he pick the Conservative superstar. Everything was up to Governor Palin to deliver, and man she delivered!

This is one of the best speeches you will ever see, from any politician. Powerful, funny at times, and right on point. The only sad thing about Governor Palin’s speech is everything she said about Barack Obama was true, and everything she warned us about has come to pass, and then some.

Video: C-SPAN: Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin (AK) Full Speech at the RNC

One of the interesting stories to come out of this speech is the one about her teleprompter. Governor Palin normally speaks from simple notes, not elaborate, prepared speeches. Ronald Reagan did the same thing. This occasion, of course, demanded something more formal.

Sarah Palin is famous for what those close to her, professionally, have called a photographic memory. If there were any doubts this were true, look closely at several shots of the teleprompter. The words aren’t synced up! The teleprompter went crazy early into the speech, and the Governor gave the bulk of it from memory. Talk about grace under pressure!

Reportedly, the only variation from the prepared remarks was the ad-lib joke about the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom. [Lipstick!]

McCain’s brilliant choice of Sarah Palin produced an immediate 6 point swing in the polls, and the first and only lead McCain had over Obama.

Though there are some who still claim Governor Palin cost McCain the election, both Stacy Drake, and Yours Truly have noted that is not just false, but maliciously untrue.

McCain was beating Obama and headed for victory. A close victory, but victory indeed. It all fell apart when McCain suspended his campaign, looking erratic and incompetent. It also didn’t help he had two of the worst campaign managers in history: Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace.

Oh what could have been, if just for competent help, instead of mercenaries with no values or principles.

On thing missing from the video, or should I say … edited out…. is the music. At the end of Governor Palin’s fantastic speech, Heart’s Barracuda was played, in honor of Governor Palin’s high school nickname.

Governor Palin earned the nickname “Sarah Barracuda” which was eventually shortened to “Sarahcuda” as a member of the scrappy Wasilla Warriors basketball team that Sarah helped lead to a state championship against all odds. The game is memorable for Sarah, a co-captain of the team, because she had broken her foot in a previous game, and had been playing through the pain. Sarah would go on to score what would be the championship winning points.

With that in mind….

Video:  Heart’s Barracuda

Re-Introducing Sarah

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