Dennis Miller on Jay Leno – Aug 27 2012

Video: Dennis Miller and Jay Leno Aug 27, 2012

Miller and Leno discuss the Fake War On Women, Akin the nut job from Missouri and Republicans NOT being compassionate. Leno is drowning in the Far Left Nut Job Kool-Aid. Leno is the one who shifted left and really showed is bias and ignorance!!

NewsBustersJay Leno Insists Republican ‘War on Women’ Is Real

Defending President Obama to guest Dennis Miller, Jay Leno admired Obama for how “he has compassion for regular people” that’s “missing” from the Republican Party which is carrying out “this sort of war on women.” When, on Monday’s Tonight Show, Miller mocked the idea of such a Republican “war on women,” Leno insisted: “I think it is.”

Revealing his true political views usually obscured by his monologue pokes at Obama, Leno proceeded to argue that Todd Akin is “an idiot but he was saying what the platform is. And that’s what many believe.” Mitt Romney, NBC’s late night host allowed, “is a a good guy and a decent man” who, Leno rued, has “had to go all the way right.”

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From the Monday, August 27 Tonight Show:

DENNIS MILLER: I don’t dislike President Obama. I just think that it’s been an inept four years. And you know, I’m just calling it as I see it. I know you like him. What am I missing over the last four years? It just does not seem that good to me.
JAY LENO: Well, I think he has compassion for regular people. I think that’s what — I think if the Republican Party is missing anything, it’s this sort of war on women, and, and compassion-
MILLER: War on women? With Sandra Fluke? She’s 30, for God’s sake. She’s still in school. She wants me to kick in ten bucks a month for her birth control? Here, I’ll give you ten. Just shut up for a second, okay? [Cheers and applause] This woman, Jay, the war on women, for God’s sake.
LENO: I think it is. I think it is.
MILLER: The chick’s like Moan of Arc, come on. [Laughter]
LENO: No, but Todd Akin was-
MILLER: He’s an idiot.
LENO: He’s an idiot, but he was saying what the platform is. And that’s what many believe. I’m glad he came forward because it kind of showed – that kind of got pushed to the background and I think it shows what many believe. Because I think Romney is a a good guy and a decent man. I just think he had to go all the way right, which I think will ultimately hurt him in the long run.

More at NewsBustersBy Brent Baker – Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center

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2 Responses to Dennis Miller on Jay Leno – Aug 27 2012

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  2. jim sitz says:

    why os nobody in Media asking sbout 11 minites missing from Miller speasking on theshow. Censorship from NBC un-American!
    Jim Sitz Oregon

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