How many Catholic Voters Have Been Pushed Away By Obama?


by Daniel NoeWestern Journalism – h/t to Anglo at Sovereignty in Colorado

At some point in the future, a political scientist–maybe one not yet even born-will point to Barack Obama’s declaration of war against the Catholic Church as the worst move of many he has made in his inordinately poor campaign for reelection.

Perhaps no other stupid Team Obama move better highlights the gulf between actual Americans and the phony Obama. It reminds us that Obama may (or may not) have been born in America and has spent his parasitical life here, but he is not OF America. He doesn’t understand America, and the overrated schmucks who are advising him don’t either.

They apparently have never bothered to read some basic electoral history. If they had, they would know that no Democrat has ever won the presidency while losing the Catholic vote.

Just as he has done with so many other groups, Obama has not only given Catholics no reason to vote for him, but plenty of motivation NOT to vote for him or anyone who supports him.

In the 2008 election, Catholics voted for Obama 54/46. That margin was, as much as any other, the reason for his election. There are fewer chances that Catholics will be lining up to support Obama this year, as a Pew poll has revealed.  What Pew found was that until Obama’s war against the Catholic Church, he was leading with Catholics by 9 points. Today, that lead is gone, and he is behind by 5 points.

This 14 point swing away from Obama translates to 18 million lost votes and major trouble in these states with sizable Catholic populations:  Pennsylvania (53%), New Jersey (39%), Wisconsin (29%), Florida (26%), Ohio (24%), and Michigan (24%).

Among Catholics, 29% now say that they are less likely to vote for Barack Obama because of his ham-handed attempt to dictate new secular doctrine to their Church. When juxtaposed to the 13% who say they are now more likely to support Obama’s re-election, the yield is a net minus 16 points. He cannot and he will not survive such a gapping hole in his support. Monday’s 43 lawsuits from Catholic entities was only round one, and Obama is already on the ropes. So far, Cardinal Dolan is way ahead on points.

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Andy Garcia’s new movie, For Greater Glory, that focuses on the attack of the Mexican government against the Catholic Church and how the people stood up, echoes the current church vs. government battle.  Many have mad the the mistake of attacking the Catholic Church or people of faith and come to regret it!!


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