UN ordered depopulation of 3 billion people by food malnutrition has started – PBSpecial Report

Posted by PCSpecial Report Monday, December 13th, 2010

Codex Alimentarius Commission

While investigating the WHO and UN role in the biological weapons attack called the A-H1N1 (Swine Flu) pandemic of 2009, criminal intelligence (CI) agents from Canada and the US have stumbled upon a covert and sinister plan to kill off as many as 3 billion people by food malnutrition. The organization that is responsible for preparing for the murder of 3 billion people is called the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It was established in 1963 by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Their officially stated purpose is to develop international food standards to protect consumer health and to facilitate fair trading practices in foods. Today, there are 181 member governments including Canada. CI agents have uncovered the real purpose of this WHO / UN organization – to murder 3 billion people. How will they murder some 3 billion people?

It was Henry Kissinger, who in 1974 conceived the idea of the food genocide to control world population – less people to consume world resources – more for the rich nations (elites) to exploit the sources of the world to satisfy their greed. On December 10, 1974 the US National Security Council under Henry Kissinger prepared a classified study ‘National Security Study Memorandum 200 (Full text of NSSM 200 (governmental source – pdf file)) – which falsely claimed that the worldwide population growth poses a great threat to US national security interests.

US Air Force weapon of mass destruction military installation called HAARP –> unfortunately the live cam image from November 29, 2010. is no longer available. Red arrow points to military truck parked at installation and lights are clearly shown to be on at each of the trailers. HAARP is active and is responsible for causing recent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, heat waves and monsoon rainfall that caused major flooding.

Classified UN documents reveal that 1 billion people will be killed by starvation as UN trade agreements and WHO health moratoriums will forbid any country from selling and exporting any food to targeted regions for depopulation. Starvation of 3 billion people has already begun as the United States has been using its weapon of mass destruction called HAARP to control, alter and intensify the weather of the targeted nations. This past summer HAARP was used to create a heat wave in Russia, resulting in the near complete destruction of its crops. Also this past summer the US used HAARP to cause the massive flooding in China and Pakistan – an attempt to wipe out the crops of China and Pakistan resulting in the mass starvation of their populations. 2 billion more will be murdered by diseases and illnesses associated with malnutrition from crop destruction, pasteurization and irradiation. The Codex Alimentarius Commission will be responsible for causing disease and illness from malnutrition by implementing the 2 latter killing instruments. The Codex Alimentarius Commission has begun this process by labeling the life sustaining nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) in our foods as poisons. Now that nutrients are classified as poisons they have been given the authority by the United Nations to eradicate all nutrients in our foods. They have already begun the eradication process by pasteurizing (exposing to high heat) and irradiating (exposing to radiation) all of our food. Milk was the first to be targeted for eradication as milk is the most important life sustenance on Earth. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. All essential for keeping us healthy and alive. Next was eggs. Another very important food that keeps us very healthy and alive.

With the recent false declarations of E. coli contamination in fruits and vegetables the member nations of The Codex Alimentarius Commission have been ordered to pasteurize or irradiate all fruit and vegetables. Why? Pasteurization and irradiation destroys all of the nutritional value of our food. These processes don’t eliminate the microorganism they claim they are killing in our food. It kills the organisms and everything else including the vitamin, mineral and enzyme content of our food. Furthermore pasteurization and irradiation doesn’t clean or filter out the bad organisms in our food it just kills them and when we drink or eat pasteurized or irradiated foods and beverages we are consuming the dead, rotting and disease and illness causing bodies of the organisms. Because all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been destroyed by pasteurization and irradiation your body can’t stop or fight off the disease and illnesses caused by consuming the dead and rotting organisms.

Who is behind this mass murder of 3 billion people?

In the investigation of the WHO and UN plans for murdering 3 billion people there is one region of the World that seems to have been exempted. The only region that is not being targeted for mass depopulation are the countries that made up old Europe. Why everywhere else but old Europe. Because, according to information written in the classified UN documents, Canada, the US, China, Russia, Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa are nations populated with people who are considered inferior races. The only superior race of people is the Aryan Race. Adolf Hitler started WWII to reinstate the Aryans as a master race of Indo-Europeans. The Aryans are supposed to be Nordic in appearance and directly ancestral to the Germans. During WWII the Nazi SS officers and soldiers were put in charge of slaughtering all inferior races of people by whatever means possible, including; war, famine, poison, biological diseases and mass executions. Today the UN has been put in charge of slaughtering as many as 3 billion people.

Very few people realize that the UN was created by former high ranking politicians and war criminal officers of Nazi Germany. Even fewer people know that an International organization existed during WWII and it was that League of Allied Nations who were responsible for the defeat of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Immediately after WWII the League of Nations was destroyed by the Nazi Germans in retaliation for defeating them in WWII. In its place the Nazi Germans formed the UN. The UN (the negative prefix un means – Opposite of; contrary to: unrest.) was formed to bring about global unrest. Once global unrest was achieved a New World Order governed by “The Four principles” (The Fourth Reich) – * One Leader * One Budget * One Programme and * One Office would be implemented. To have an understanding of the clandestine agenda of the UN you must have an understanding of the meaning of Reich. Reich is the territory or government of a German state, as the Holy Roman Empire (the Vatican), or First Reich , from 962 to 1806; the German Empire, or Second Reich, from 1871 to 1919 (Germany’s WWI); the Weimar Republic, from 1919 to 1933; and the Third Reich, from 1933 to 1945 (Nazi Germany’s WWII). The Nazi formed United Nations launched the “Delivering as One” initiative in 2007 – the Fourth Reich. Today Germany is once again the leader of the new and Fourth Reich. A former Nazi German Youth – Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger (served the Third Reich for at least 4 years) is now (was) leader (Pope Benedict) of the Vatican – the original or First Reich.

The Nazi war criminals also formed many of the International and national organizations we have today, including NATO (created by commanding officers and ex-multinational conscripts that made up the German Waffen SS army units), the CIA (created by former Gestapo agents to spy on, sabotage, torture and kill agents, military personal and political figureheads of the Soviet Union ), the WHO (created by former Auschwitz death camp scientists and physicians), NASA (created using former Nazi rocket scientists who were smuggled into the US in Operation Paperclip).

Now that our governments have been ordered by the Nazi UN to begin pasteurizing and irradiating every consumable food the only question left to ask is “how much time do we have left before we starve to death from eating?”

A viewer just reminded me of a very important historical fact that relates to this story. I was reminded of the fact that the Royal Family of England, namely Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, are actually descendants of the German arm of European Royalty – the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family. Due to anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during the German Reich World War I, George V of the United Kingdom changed the name of his branch from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor in 1917. The same happened in Belgium where it was changed to “van België” (Dutch) or “de Belgique” (French). The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is a German dynasty, the senior line of the Saxon House of Wettin that ruled the Ernestine duchies, including the duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The House of Wettin is a dynasty of German counts, dukes, prince-electors (Kurfürsten) and kings that once ruled the area of today’s German states of Saxony, the Saxon part of Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia for more than 800 years as well as holding at times the kingship of Poland. Agnates of the House of Wettin have, at various times, ascended the thrones of Great Britain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Saxony, and Belgium; of these, only the British and Belgian lines retain their thrones today. This historical fact means that Germans rule the United Kingdom, Canada and a host of other Commonwealth Nations. The head of state in Canada is the sovereign or Queen of Canada (a German from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) . The Queen’s powers are exercised by the Governor General of Canada except when the Queen is in Canada. The Governor General, like the sovereign or Queen, is not political and remains above politics. That would suggest that Canada and other Commonwealth Nations are servants of the German Reich.

Source: Short URL: http://presscore.ca/2011/?p=131

Too Crazy to believe?  Not Sure??  Do your homework.  There is a lot of information out there that confirms the data in this article.  Check it out for yourself.

Update: The HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska has shut down pending its transfer to a different contractor working for DARPA.


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What If?


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53 Responses to UN ordered depopulation of 3 billion people by food malnutrition has started – PBSpecial Report

  1. annje says:

    interesting article. But Rothschilds are behind the UN, just like the League of Nations before it. It may be made up of nazis [in the beginning, I don’t know] but it was paid for, by its architect [ideological and other wise] Rothschild.

    • The nazis the zionists and the rothschilds are one DUH

      • Sherry says:

        Evan, for those of us who are intellectually savvy, AnnJe’s comment and the FACT that the Nazi’s, Zionist’s & RothScum are ‘one’ was tacityly understood, if not Clearly implied….you were condescended to Often when you were a child, I advise that you not be SO transparent about that which holds you back and affects you, it demeans you and allows others to know your weaknesses, just sayin’ 😉 Way to go AnnJe, hit that Frankist nail on the MoneyLender head !!!!

  2. Max Ikbal says:

    Came to this site through a link on facebook, this blog is informative and you are a soldier in the cause of liberty. Keep it up!

  3. Jananda says:

    The Report from Iron Mountain also deals with this topic.

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  6. Kevin Yoder says:

    Let`s USE their words to EVOLVE
    MAINTAIN humanity UNDER 500 million
    Starting in 2013 we join together as a planet and start giving birth to one child only per couple for the next century. Allow homeless children to be adopted FREE of charge. 5 generations per century should bring us to generation X consisting of only 250 million people worldwide.

  7. Kevin Yoder says:

    Then starting with generation X, we CHOOSE to raise but one child GENETICALLY per lifetime for the next 4 generations. And then the next 4 generations will balance the population by encouraging 4 children per couple GENETICALLY. Do that till we reach the original 250 million then start over. We just finished a cycle of MAINTAINIG humanity UNDER 500 million.. We could do that CYCLE forever. End result being a TRUE resource based economy, because SUPPLY will always exceed DEMAND. No more hunger worldwide forever.
    Do the math, it`s all in the numbers.

    • Heather says:

      Your math is wrong, same as Malthus’s was. YOU have only one kid, if you want. I will raise as many smart, strong, capable children as I please. The world needs more of them, if we are ever to make it to the stars. The Earth’s carrying capacity is well over 500 million, anyway. As has been proven.

      • “Smart, strong, capable” these are the sorts of children we want.
        you are not a genius factory. you are not a manufactorum of artists and athletes.
        you are just a womb, like any other. with the same chances as any other.

    • mrjohnsavage says:

      The problem is not over population but hyper population and theft of resources. It is amazing to me that people do not understand this.Mr. Yoder your cycle sounds like a cattle breeding program and I, for one, am not cattle.

    • unrealistic; people will never comply with this. the fact is all the overpopulation crap is a load of bullshit. people need to take life seriously, that is all that is needed to save the world, that and good will between all men.

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  9. Dark Seducer says:

    Genetically Modifed Food is population control disguised as food.

    A condensed version of a short story by me.

    It had been over a year since I had seen a real human, most everyone had succumb to Agent Orange that was built right into their genetically modified food, turning them into something right out of Mila Jovovich horror movie. I started to notice the change about ten years ago and tried to warn people then but no one wanted to listen, they were too far gone already, hypnotized by the constant stream of propaganda being spewed from their TV’s and radios.
    In 1991 George H.W. Bush allowed Monsanto to release the first of it’s Frankenfood into the food supply. By 2012 GMO corn, soy, wheat, and sugar beets had taken over the planet. Spreading like a plague, the GMO crops wiped out all the competing strains. Green deserts were what the fields of GMO vegetation were called, green for as far as the eye can see but not bite to eat. Through bribery, subterfuge and the infiltration of our regulatory agencies, Monsanto was able to con governments into outlawing any food that wasn’t genetically modified.
    In India, over 150,000 farmers committed suicide rather than allow Monsanto to force them to poison their own people. Countries like the Czech Republic and Peru were the last hold outs, banning GMO’s completely. The Czech’s armed their military with flame throwers and had them patrolling the fields 24/7, burning GMO’s on sight. . But when the United States Supreme Court appointed Mittens Romney as president for life, he ordered fighter jets to bomb them into submission so Monsanto could squeeze every dime of profit from the human race.
    I started a little aquaponics set up in my home in 2000, growing my own tilapia and filtering the waste water through the hydroton where I grew my vegetables. It was a pretty simple diet but it has kept me human all these years.
    Monsanto merged with the Xe, the private army formally known as Blackwater, shortly after the food wars began. Xe patrols the streets night and day searching for humans. If they see someone walking the streets who appeared to still have a waistline and an IQ above that of a turnip they arrest you without a warrant and you simply disappear, only to re-emerge a year later, fat, stupid and smelling like rancid pesticide. I have a fat suit I wear when I go out so the Monsanto/Xe military police don’t snatch me up and take me to one of their black ops camps called “Walmarts” for forced indoctrination.
    The virus attacked the poor people first, just like Monsanto created it to do. The planet was only designed to house 1.5 billion people, but by 2012 we had 7 billion people competing for fewer and fewer resources. In the 1980’s a plan was hatched by the Conservative elite to poison the food supply, slowly killing off anyone who couldn’t afford to eat organic food. Publically they praised Monsanto and their Roundup ready vegetables but privately they had the food shipped in from Europe, which held out till 2007 when Monsanto secret agents slipped past anti-GMO security and released their monsters on an unsuspecting European population.
    In the states we had already began to see second generation mutants, and by 2012, 9 out of 10 children born were GMO Mutants. The 1%, as they were labeled by a group of organic freedom fighters known only as “Occupy’, could afford to eat real food but in 2012 the US government okay’d the release of GMO alfalfa, so soon even pasture raised beef was contaminated, and then even the wealthy began to turn into Monsanto Mutants. Their greed and craving for even more profit caused them to poison themselves. My granddaddy always told me that a conservative would sell you the rope to hang him with if he thought he could make profit.
    The smell was the first sign of transformation that I began to notice in people, the only way I can describe it is “rancid pesticide”. Just looking in their cupboards was all the evidence I needed to know what was causing it, every shelf was stacked with cheap, GMO laced processed food. They never used their stoves either, besides being to stupid to cook, most of the food they ate was designed to be nuked, so the nutrient value was reduced even further, forcing them to eat more and more every day to get the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to survive. Monsanto realized the smell was a dead giveaway to those of us who hadn’t changed yet so they began marketing these nasty, all over body sprays for both men and women. The mutants think they smell better with that stuff on but I can still smell the GMO stench through the layers of body spray and cheap perfume.
    As I said at the beginning of the story I hadn’t seen or smelled another human in over a year, that is until this morning. . I can grow most everything I need to survive at my house but there are still some Items I have to buy or scavenge, like toilet paper and salt. Today I decided to go scavenging so I put my fat suit on and sprayed some Axe GMO stench repellent on so I looked and smelled like a mutant. A few drops of yellow food coloring in the eyes helps too.
    When I arrived at the local GMO indoctrination center, I slumped over and tried to act as stupid as I could, mumbling racial slurs under my breath at some past US President the mutants were taught to hate by the Propaganda News Network known as Fox. The easiest way to fit in is act as stupid, if you slip up and say something intelligent they might think you are one of those liberals that escaped from the internment camps, so I keep my words to two syllables or less when out in public.
    I was only in the “Walmart” for a few minutes when I noticed the distinct aroma of a human. At first I thought I was hallucinating, few if any humans survived the round up and forced indoctrination of all liberals by the Mormon Church after Romney was installed as dictator for life. Most liberals did what the Indian cotton farmers did and took their own lives rather than allowing the church to lobotomize them and force feed them GMO’s until they were as fat and stupid as their conservative brethren. But with each sniff of the air I became more certain that a female human had actually survived and was relatively nearby. I had to be careful, sniffing the air like that could bring attention to me. Most mutants weren’t smart enough to tie their own shoes, but one thing they were capable of was noticing was when someone wasn’t just like them. Even before the mass transformation of 2012 they demanded total conformity, everyone had to be just alike, anyone who wasn’t, fat, white, stupid, and Christian was attacked as being Un-American.
    As I fought my way through hoards of fat mutants and their screaming mutant offspring, I could sense her frustration and fear. She was probably starving and surrounded by mutants. How had she gotten this far? What am I saying, she is a human with a human brain that has yet to be turned to mush by the Agent Orange, she wouldn’t have survived this long without a superior intelligence.
    Her scent was so strong now, she had to be close. I searched every face for the slightest sign of humanity, sniffing the air as I walked. And then I saw her, looking bewildered but sniffing the air frantically, she smelled me too but my disguise was too good for her to pick me out from this distance. She was wearing a pair of sweats that she had filled with newspaper to make her look fat and had rolled around in raw sewage as a disguise.
    I hung back a little until she was the only one left in the aisle, then I slowly approached her. I kept mumbling racial slurs under my breath just in case I was wrong. I mean what if it was a trap? Xe was known for setting traps for any survivors. But there was no mistaking that scent. I cleared my throat and said “MOVE” (that’s the mutant way of saying “pardon me”) and gave her a little shove. She whipped around and before she could catch herself she said “don’t touch me you fucking muuuu…” and then she caught a whiff of my scent and her eyes lit up. “how!”, “where!”,” I thought I was the only one!”. I quickly put a finger to my lips to quiet her and began mumbling loudly in case anyone had heard.
    Her hair was matted and filthy, her face drawn and gaunt, but she still was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Tears began to stream from her eyes as I whispered in her ear, “keep your head down, and follow me, I know where there’s real food.” Her boney little hand shot out from under the sewage covered, over-sized sweat shirt and grabbed my hand so tightly I thought she would break it. She was doing her best to not smile through the tears, happiness was a dead giveaway, if you were caught smiling the Gestapo (Department of Criminal Investigation) would assume it was an artificial smile created by smoking pot and they would confiscate your belongings and have you executed on the spot. We did our best to shuffle and mumble, looking as stupid (conservative) as possible while we finished my shopping and then fought our way back through the hoards of mutants clogging the aisles and made our way to freedom.
    She’s in the shower now, scrubbing off the layers of grime she had used as a disguise all these years. I can barely contain myself as I cook her baked tilapia with a white wine, basil and red onion reduction, her first real meal in two years. She had been with a group of organic farmers hiding out in the mountains of Oregon until they were raided and taken to the Walmart indoctrination centers for lobotomies and force feeding, she hide underneath an outhouse, neck deep in raw sewage and had been eating bugs to survive rather than consume any GMO’s.
    Tomorrow the sun will shine just a bit brighter, the air smell just a bit cleaner because I am no longer alone in the world of genetically modified zombies.

  10. Robert Grey says:

    I love how we think we can change and manipulate the world so drastically and not expect eventual, inevitable retaliation. Control or no, life finds a way.
    what do you expect us to do? Stroll on over and knock on the front door of these “organizations”, demanding they cease and desist, and hope they ‘see the light’? If it’s all true, they’d sooner shoot you.

    Go buy a banana. I bet it’ll taste awesome.

  11. It’s my understanding that the Khazarian Zionists (fake Jewish banksters) legally but unlawfully own the “free” world and its inhabitants. In their eternal, covert War On Humanity they started all wars with lies to prey on all involved and hijacked and incorporated Our governments, currencies and Us. And, their New World Order nightmare is right on track.

    • its deeper than that, the nazis and zionist worked together. i suspect the zionist, the nazis the CIA all of these organizations we know about are just what we are aloud to see. it has to go deeper, its to obvious

  12. john trites says:

    I don’t think genocide is the answer, It’s the land laws that keep our food supply short, The government is to worried about who owns what so fields upon fields upon fields go without any crops in them simply because of stupid land laws, I think about that every time I take a drive out to the country and you see countless fields with no crops growing in them… They should drop the children rate to one per family for the next like 5-10 years, it would make a difference.

  13. john trites says:

    Also if they encouraged local growing like back yard or front yard gardens then it would lower the food shortage by alot.

    • What food shortage?? There IS no food shortage….there’s always been a surplus of food, but the distribution has been about profit and greed, so those who can’t pay don’t receive. The idea that the world doesn’t have enough food is bullshit designed to make you and I believe we need corporate control of our food production. African isn’t starving because of any global food shortage, it’s starving because it’s being starved deliberately! Enter Bill Gates, Bono and Monsanto to save the poor Africans from malnutrition…we shall see very soon just what the effects of a Monsanto diet will be!

  14. There is no need to cull the population. There is plenty of room for everyone. Vast empty spaces all over this planet, millions of empty houses, just look at all the ones in China for starters. In the US too, far more empty homes than there are homeless people. Vertical growing of food is becoming established and proving to be an excellent method of sustenance for many.
    The problem is really that we have been lied to, we have been told by the mass media that there are food shortages and too many people. Those of you who watch TV and read newspapers actually believe this. Do the research please.
    in the meantime our lands are being corrupted by the spraying of chemicals and our food is being GM modified.Our kids are being vaccinated, all these things plus the obvious weather manipulation that is causing droughts and floods in areas that would normally produce a great deal of food. Our seas are polluted with plastics that is poisoning fish and fauna… These are the things we have to address. We can make the world a far better place and live more in tune with nature.
    GM seeds are sterile, vaccines will make the third generations in families infertile. Chemtrails are leaving a massive residue of aluminium in our soils that will be there forever. I live next to a small conservation area and see a decrease in the wildlife that has not been matched in generations. I see whole forests dying off all from the chemtrail spraying…
    Please contact your countries leaders and stop putting up with all this evil enforced corruption and obvious mind control…

    • Yes Marion, please feel free. It’s the words that matter not the writer…

    • LANCE TROUPE says:

      Hey Roz, you are right, but there are people that just have to create evil to make thyself’s feel good. That is the evil we live with everyday, but knowing what we do now, this is the time we start getting involved. Watch this video, here it is, go to vimeo.com/63749370 once you pull up this page, click on Grinding Down America. This video is spoken by people who care about your Beautiful country and have put this together for all of us concerned folks who want the truth, and now we can at least see who our enemies are. Its good I promise it will wake us up, sent it to as many as you can. Take care and if we stick together we can beet this slime that is running amuck. Keep the faith, pas the love and with all of us preying every night, our country will march on. WE MUST!

  15. John Doe says:

    Kevin Yoder….. you’re referring to eugenics….

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  17. marionhubbard says:

    All this reflects the insanity and idiocy of fear based politics. We can reverse the process with wisdom and compassion for our fellow human beings. Raise standard of living everywhere and create conditions for complete psychological development (this includes spiritual development) and population declines naturally. What we need is universal education for cultivation of the human potential for creative intelligence i.e. ‘holistic education’. (www.HolisticEducator.com)

    • Everyone needs to watch THRIVE.com. Free energy, clean food and water and skies. WE are ALLOWING the EVIL Pieces of CRAP who have whored themselves with other’s like themselves and have gained riches through corruption and now lead the world by the nose off the deep end. WE must put THEM all out to pasture and take our world back! Talk is cheap.

  18. I’m a learner. To my knowledge UN wasn’t created by Nazis. Please provide source of information. Here is the *proof* to support my argument. See if we can connect the dots further.

    Everyone knows UN head office is sitting in Rockefeller’s land; and Rockefeller family become rich with the help of Rothchild’s money (secret benami deals) and now they are officially merged. My point is UN=Rockefeller=Rothchild. These fellows did support Nazis both by loans and arms.(I would say, typical opportunistic business deals)

    Now read the following excerpts from Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley.

    “Among Ruskin’s most devoted disciples at Oxford were a group of intimate friends including Arnold Toynbee, Alfred (later Lord) Milner, Arthur Glazebrook, George (later Sir George) Parkin, Philip Lyttelton”, and Henry (later Sir Henry) Birchenough. These were so moved by Ruskin that they devoted the rest of their lives to carrying out his ideas. A similar group of Cambridge men including Reginald Baliol Brett (Lord Esher), Sir John B. Seeley, Albert (Lord) Grey, and Edmund Garrett were also aroused by Ruskin’s message and devoted their lives to extension of the British Empire and uplift of England’s urban as masses as two parts of one project which they called “extension of the English-speaking idea.” They were remarkably successful in these aims because England’s most sensational journalist William T. Stead (1849-1912), an ardent social reformer and imperialist, brought them into association with Rhodes. This association was formally established on February 5, 1891, when Rhodes and Stead organized a secret society of which Rhodes had been dreaming for sixteen years. In this secret society Rhodes was to be leader; Stead, Brett (Lord Esher), and Milner were to form an executive committee; Arthur (Lord) Balfour, (Sir) Harry Johnston, Lord Rothschild, Albert (Lord) Grey and others were listed as potential members of a “Circle of Initiates”; while there was to be an outer circle known as the “Association of Helpers” (later organized by Milner as the Round Table organization). [page – 131]

    In 1909-1913 they organized semisecret groups, known as Round Table Groups, in the chief British dependencies and the United States.
    In 1919 they founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) for which the chief financial supporters were Sir Abe Bailey and the Astor family (owners of The Times). Similar Institutes of International Affairs were established in the chief British dominions and in the United States (where it is known as the Council on Foreign Relations) in the period 1919-1927.[page 132]

    Strangely enough, the League of Nations Mandate System which became such an obstacle to the Round Table plans was largely a creation of the Round Table itself. [page 150]”

    BTW the groups under Round Table are

    1) Council on Foreign Relations
    2) Trilateral commission
    3) United Nations
    4) Royal institute of international affairs
    5) Club of Rome
    6) Builderberg Group

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  21. WE are our own worst enemies, and our enemies know this. As we sat by passively crying out for someone to do something!

    • LANCE TROUPE says:

      Well, then, I will just kill myself and beat them to it. I win, no more worries, no more cheating and lying, no more misunderstandings, and the government can’t tax you anymore, So in reality they haven’t got my to scam from and if we all did that we could exterminate them in the end and we will beat them to it. If you believe in Jesus, and eternal life we can look back from the spirit world and just shake out heads at the evil that prevails. I say let them have the world, it will mean nothing if their aren’t enough people for them to suck dry.

    • LANCE TROUPE says:

      What did you do Katelyn? We are not our own worst enemies, but we do have enemies amongst us. You, and I, are just living our lives and the evil ones are the enemies. Here are just a few, Obama, Clinton, Reid, Finstine, Pelosi, Holder,Biden, FBI, Senate,Communism, Liberalism, They are all in bed with each other and they are the Enemy, not you and I. Just Saying!

  22. K Solomon says:

    Most of the comments seem to come from people who are out of touch with nature or the balance of nature… consider the UK, 97% of the land has been developed in some way or another and the natural, virginal ecosystems are lost. This is because of human encroachment. All the natural ecosystems are shrinking due to human encroachment. In Africa we see the destruction of nature due to the increase in people… The truth is in front of you, people are encroaching on virgin lands and people are destroying ecosystems. We are not in harmony with nature and we need to act before it is too late. Agriculture, mineral resources, suburbs and cities all require sacrifice and humans drive the need. Is it fair to take 95% for humans and leave 5% for nature? If it is fair that we take 50% then we need to reduce the population to regain the balance. I have had the pleasure of real solitude, not seeing another human on the horizon for weeks on end, this doesn’t happen in Europe and America… We are too many on Earth, we live on top of one another and we are so many that we have lost all sense of community and family… How can you find yourself in amongst all these people????

  23. Kissinger is a Nazi-Jew and Zionism is the new oppressor. Ashke-NAZI.

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  25. Sam says:

    And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24:6-8 KJV)

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  28. Peter Martin says:

    This programme has been in place since the formation of the CIA. Go to the Berkerly blog by Professor claude Fischer titled: A crime puzzle; violent crime declines in america
    Note how the hommicide rate has fallen back to the level of the fifties. Scroll down till you come to coment by Peter Martin, click the link in that comment or go to my blog: ciaandbritainssecretdeathsqudas.blogspot.com
    Type address into top bar on screen
    I smashed this programme Oct 1999
    The real reason the Bush administration tryed to get all guns off the people of New Orleans after huricane Katrina was so they could take this sceme nationwide so that when the fall in homicide stats came to light as has been shown here that could be justyfied by saying: it`s happened cause we took your guns away.

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  31. Mary Carmel News says:

    Reblogged this on Mary Carmel News.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Guys, this is no joke! I believe I am living proof of this! I am steadily losing weight and have not been trying. I don’t work out or anything. I’m a 22 year old female with no health problems, yet I have dropped over 25 pounds within the last 2 years. I’ve been trying to figure out why and came across this article, and I can’t help but wonder now if this is why.

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