The Battle Between Good and Evil

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion

Many Republicans (Conservatives, Independents and Constitutionalists) believe the fight going on right now over the continuing resolution that will then continue on to the fight for another debt ceiling raise for the federal government is their last chance to stop ObamaCare. The panel on CNBC’s Kudlow Report with Cathy Areu, Washington Post; Kellyanne Conway, The Polling Company; and Jim Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, provide perspective in the video below. 

Kudlow says if you are a free market person, this is a battle between good and evil, and many people believe just that but it involves far more than just the free market system.  Brain surgeon and author of America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great (Kindle), Dr. Ben Carson said the true underlying battle is over what type of country we want to be, because the acceptance and implementation of ObamaCare puts us ever further down the road toward socialism because as Harry Reid has said, the goal of ObamaCare has always been to create a single payer healthcare system which is socialized medicine… no matter what they call it.  And let us all remember the origins of socialized medicine, after which large parts of ObamaCare is patterned.  We are in the battle right now for our political souls, for the survival of America as we know it and as our Founding Fathers envisioned it, our system of economics, individual freedoms, the survival of the American Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights and in many ways between good and evil.  Yet far too many Americans have hardly noticed that there is an underlying battle and many that do are clueless as to what it really is about and the facts, information and history behind it.

Even the process itself plays out as a battle between good and evil as the Head of the Senate, Harry Reid calls Tea Party supported Congressmen and Senators anarchists because they are standing up for their constituents, free market principles, the Constitution and fiscal responsibility.  Regardless of what Supreme Court Judge John Roberts spun in his questionable decision and justification to uphold the Affordable Care Act, forcing anyone to buy anything, including healthcare, is unconstitutional.  And President Obama intentionally keeps using the words, “This fight will cause a ‘default of government’ instead of a ‘government shutdown’”, to demonize the Republicans, inflate the overall situation and cause a panic among the uninformed.

CNBC Panel Video: The Battle Between Good and Evil


Political Suicide Bombers By Gerald Loeffers:

Well folks… the votes are in and cloture passed with only 19 dissenting votes, with both of my Senators from Idaho voting ‘no.’ Not to anyone’s surprise, even those who weren’t paying attention, the Democrats of course voted down the line ‘yes’ and then the giant herd of RINOs were at the watering hole letting the lions chew on their withering hides. The stage is set for the House vote and then for Barry to veto the bill at his whim. I have never seen so many lemmings dropping off the cliff as I have these past five years. Wow! It’s incredible and the Democrats are actually going out there crying bloody murder if the shut-down happens. They are accusing any American Tea Party member or anyone else who opposes OBAMACARE of being a terrorist.


Let’s hear it for Senators MIKE LEE and TED CRUZ! What a refreshing bunch. Watching Mr. CRUZ going through 21 HOURS on his feet in the same suit and even reading a bedtime story to his little ones… that leaves an impression and a man who outright made good on his promises, now that is a new idea! But it didn’t take long for the usual weak minded RINO cannibals to start chowing down on Cruz. Self made, shrink-like Peter King labeled Cruz crazy and JOHN “TERRORIST SUPPLIER” MCCAIN called Cruz reckless and made the point that he should have just played the game like everyone else. Well, crusty John… that’s the problem — both parties have been playing a game and not doing the country’s business for so long, you’re now the most irrelevant leaders of the country. Even your own state of Arizona is going through the process to recall your worthless crusty butt. It should be noted MCCAIN, that when your nickname is Flipper, it’s not a compliment.


We have now seen that OBAMA and JOHN “FOOTBALL FACE” KERRY are willing to negotiate with terrorists, Islamic Nazis, Syria, Russia, the UN and even Mexican drug cartels over matters of money, oil, weapons and people’s lives, but they refuse to make a deal with the American people or the opposition party of note. Of course, the Republicans haven’t been a true opposition party in nearly 20 years and with the Progressive movement’s infection running through both parties at different speeds, it’s not going to change any time soon.


When you have politicians willing to destroy the economy, liberty, capitalism, individual rights and the Constitution… all so they can fool us into thinking that free stuff is the American way and so you reelect them for another useless term and they stay in power so they don’t have to get a real job and get their hands dirty or put their backs out for an honest dollar, then it’s time to burn down their phone lines and e-mail servers and to drive their interns crazy. It’s time to have more peaceful protests all over the country. We need more recall elections, just like in Colorado or to have more 2 million biker rally’s. It’s not Congress’ job to operate a PONZI scam at your unmitigated expense. When was the last time the federal government produced ANYTHING that you wanted to buy, that in turn they earned any profit from? ZIP, ZERO… NOTHING! All government income is stolen workers’ income.

The heroes in both houses of Congress who are fighting for us, fighting for the will of now over 70% of the American people (having inched up from 58% in June 2013) who do not want ObamaCare or at least not in its present form, should be supported by all Americans from both parties concerned about our form of government, individual freedoms, jobs, healthcare and the economy.  The vitriolic attacks on these public servants fighting for average Americans by Progressives like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the ever changing smoke and mirrors from the White House should also be scorned by all Americans.  #MakeDCListen by getting involved today!  Demand fairness and equal healthcare for all; no exemptions, which is the center point of the latest version put forth by Republicans in the House of Representatives!  There is much more at play here than healthcare or even the budget.  If you take the time to educate yourself you just might agree that the true battle going on right now in Washington D.C. is the battle between liberty and tyranny, between freedom or a nanny state, between good and evil. 

NBC, part of the mainstream media who spin for the Obama administration, will begin educational public service messages on October 1st to ‘encourage and educate’ Americans to sign up for ObamaCare paid for by taxpayer money while a new grassroots campaign launched by a nonpartisan youth advocacy organization Generation Opportunity is encouraging young Americans to opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchange before it takes effect in January for they will be subsidizing the healthcare of older Americans at a time where they cannot find jobs, are under employed and have staggering college loans to be paid back.

Just a side note… the Obama administration said today (09.30.13) that after all their promotion and millions to be spent in taxpayer monies in promotion of ObamaCare, they will consider the sign-up of a mere 5 million Americans for the exchanges between October 2013 and March 2014 a success?!?  Really??  Where are the 30-million Americans who supposedly were desperate for this coverage and all the additional people we know have already or will lose coverage because of ObamaCare? Why is it now estimated that there will still be 30-million without healthcare coverage after the ObamaCare monstrosity goes into affect?  Are they a different 30-million?  Plus interestingly, Neil Cavuto of Fox Business pointed out earlier today… on September 30th, 2013… the day before the sign-up for the exchanges begin, that the wording about some “free” ObamaCare provisions and benefits has suddenly been deleted from the White House website.  Hmmm…

You be the judge~

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  1. gerald loeffers says:

    thank you for reposting my article I like they way you arranged it

    • Ask Marion says:

      Thanks Gerald!! I loved your article and it was a perfect find for the piece that I had a general idea for in my head. It was like it was meant to be!! Marion~

  2. gerald loeffers says:

    if you would like to repost all of my article of your choosing you have my permission to do so just go to type in my name in the search box upper right hand corner it will give you a complete list of my past articles

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