Obama’s Hidden Past… You Be the Judge! (Video)

Video: Obama’s Hidden Past

Information about Obama’s hidden past is finally coming out due to the diligent research of www.citizens4freedom.com, Donald Trump’s investigation into Obama (And it’s NOT about the birth certificate issue.) and Attorney Orly Taitz persistence.

The video above, recorded from The Power Hour radio show by Joyce Riley, exposes the FACTS they have uncovered about Obama’s past that may be surprising, even shocking, to some. Manipulation of political figures by the ruling elite is nothing new. In fact it’s the documented history of how the British Empire (the mercantile elite class of Britain) was able to control the world (and still do).

Knowing information like this and keeping it suppressed while financing them to high political office is how the controlling elite of the world are able to completely control the puppet politicians in America and deceive all but the most astute studiers of history.


Hillary Leaving as Obama’s Eligibility Trial(s) Move Forward… Coincidence?

Bombshell: Barack Obama Conclusively Outed… – – Video of: Wayne Madison Bombshell: Barack Obama Conclusively Outed As CIA Creation – AJ 1/3

FBI Destroyed File on Obama’s Grandfather

ShoreBank, Obama’s Mother and Geithner’s Father – Hmmm… Coincidence?

Tales of Affairs

The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues

Obama Ordered to Appear at Hearing: Attorney Taitz Says It Will Be 100 Times Bigger than Watergate’

Let Them Eat Cake

Eligibility Rulings Vanish From Net

Is Barry Soetoro Guilty of Treason and Fraud Against America?

The Obama Eligibility Question – best article on the topic

Will Ignorance Lead to a Second Obama Term??

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