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Obama, the least transparent president America has ever had claims complete transparency, just like he says, “This isn’t theater. I’m Not Interested In Photo Ops” while his entire presidency is one big staged photo-op to cover the fundamental transformation of an oblivious country through smoke and mirrors. How could we be so blind?

By Marion Algier

Video: Gutfeld: Photo-Op President ‘Not Interested In Photo-Ops’

Video: RUSH: Obama Lives And Dies By Photo Ops

RUSH: Now, Jonathan Martin.  Jonathan Martin used to be Politico, now at the New York Times.  He was on CNN this morning, Inside Politics, the name of the show.  And he was talking about the immigration crisis at the southwest border.  John King said, “What’s the harm, Jonathan?  Come on, what’s the harm in the president going to the border?  They think it’s a trap.  What is it?”

MARTIN:  This president is contemptuous of the rituals of politics in so many cases.  He can’t stand the fact you have to play a certain role but the fact is, John, as you know the presidency is about symbolism in a lot of ways, and presidents, when there is a crisis of some kind, are expected to be seen there.  Is it more of a surface thing, is it a photo-op as the president says?  Of course that’s part of the ritual, but nevertheless that’s what presidents often do.

RUSH:  Yeah, but you see, this president is contemptuous of the rituals of politics in so many cases.  He can’t stand photo-ops. He hates having to do photo-ops. He can’t stand having to do these rituals.  He has perfected them to an art!  He’s one of the best at the rituals.  He lives and dies by photo-ops.  This is just incomprehensible.  These sound bites, these people that are defending Obama for not going to the border — and, by the way, there’s some cracks in the media armor on this. 

Some in the media are getting very, very worried that Obama’s blowing this symbolism stuff. They think he ought to get down there ’cause they live and die on photo-ops, too, they think they’re the most important thing in the world.

Video:  RUSH: Obama Is Nothing But Photo Ops

RUSH: I’m almost at a loss in my ability to keep a straight face at this.  Obama says that he’s not going down to the border because he’s not interested in theater.  He not interested in photo-ops. 

Grab audio sound bite number one.  Last night in Dallas, after meeting with Rick Perry, an unidentified reporter said, “There are increasing calls not just from Republicans, but also from some Democrats for you to visit the border during this trip.  Can you explain why you didn’t do that?  Do you see any legitimate reason for you to actually do that at some point or do you think these calls are more about politics than anything else?”

OBAMA:  There’s nothing that has taken place down there that I am not intimately aware of and briefed on.  This isn’t theater.  This is a problem.  I’m not interested in photo-ops.  I’m interested in solving a problem.  And those who say I should visit the border, when you ask ‘em what should we be doing, they’re giving us suggestions that are embodied in legislation that I’ve already sent to Congress.

RUSH:  Not interested in a photo-op?  What the hell was that at the pool hall the other day?  He is nothing but photo-ops.  Says he’s not interested in photo-ops?  That’s all he does, photo-ops on the golf course.  This is a guy who dressed a bunch of people in white lab coats for a press conference in the Rose Garden to make ‘em look like doctors so that he could persuade people that doctors supported Obamacare.  Remember that?  They had a casting call and then they had a wardrobe call ’cause some doctors showed up that weren’t wearing the lab coats so the White House had to scramble, get some white lab Coats to put on.  Photo-op! 

This guy is nothing but photo-ops, photo-ops with kids, photo-ops that illustrate that he’s not governing, that he’s removed, the Limbaugh Theorem aspect.  The photo-op, the series of photo-ops are crucial to Obama in presenting the image.  Everything he’s been doing the last month, you almost could call it a photo-op tour.  I was thinking when I heard this sound bite today, what has Obama ever done that’s not a photo-op?  Some of the executive orders he signs are not photo-ops

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