The President Can Kill You or Jail You Indefinitely on His Own Discretion: Prof. Jonathan Turley

This video is from C-SPAN and a December 19th broadcast they have called “Surveillance and Privacy Issues.”

About the totalitarian powers of putative President Obama, now acceded by the United States Congress and it’s new National Defense Authorization Act, Jonathan Turley, Law Professor of George Washington University, answers a caller from South Carolina.

That patriot, a self described Democrat, begins speaking at the 14:12 mark. I suggest sliding there to hear his comments, if not the entire video. Then, at 15:44 Turley responds:

It’s actually worse than them coming into your house. I don’t mean to ruin your day, but President Obama just stated that he is going to maintain a policy that he can have any American Citizen killed, without any charge, without any review except his own.

If he’s satisfied that you are a terrorist, he says that he can kill you anywhere in the world, including the United States. Two of his aides were just at a panel a couple of weeks ago and they reaffirmed; they believe American Citizens can be killed on the order of the president anywhere including the United States.

That has left civil libertarians’ heads exploding, because you’ve now got a president who says he can kill you on his own discretion; he can jail you indefinitely on his own discretion, and the response of the American people is one big collective shrug and yawn.

And I don’t think the framers would ever have anticipated that. They truly believed the Citizens would hold their liberties close and that they wouldn’t relax those fingers, but they are.

And now the point that you had made about, the question about privacy and the new generation: we’re not gonna get any help from Congress. Congress has never had a good record on privacy or constitutional issues. But the only positive thing… we’ve had three polls in the last year and they all show the same thing. The America people say that they are more afraid of the government than they are, outside forces like terrorists. So, there’s this disconnect; the majority of Americans are actually very concerned about the lost of rights. But Congress, both Democrats and Republicans can’t move harder against privacy, I mean they, and this part of the cynical calculation. I think President Obama made this calculation early on, that no one would be on the right (sic) of him on terrorism and national security and he has taken the majority of the Democrats with him on that.

And we stop quoting Turley there, due to his apparent inability to escape the leftist political paradigm, to see Obama and the Democrat as well as Republican leadership of Congress, for the puppets of globalist tyranny and authoritarianism that they are.

It can be difficult to break free of the controlled, right/left dialectic, even for those who would believe themselves awake, aware, and alarmed.

S.W.A.T. Team, San Bernardino Police

S.W.A.T., San Bernardino Police Department, Wikimedia

Post by Arlen Williams, video contributed by Sher Zieve  –  h/t: Resisting the New World Order and the NoisyRoom

By: Arlen Williams  –  Gulag Bound


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