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Education: Indoctrination Special – A Must Watch If Are You Worried About Your Kids, Grandkids and America’s Youth

There was a report out this week that only 22% of 8th graders passed a basic civics test. The conclusion? Millions of young Americans will be unprepared to be informed and engaged, which is required in a healthy democracy. When … Continue reading

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The Beginning Of Systemic Failure – Latest Update, 26th January 2011

Video:  Mike Ruppert – The Beginning Of Systemic Failure – Latest Update, 26th January 2011 My Response to the Drudge Photo of China’s Flag Centered Between Two American Flags to the Left and Right of It January 20, 2010 Steve … Continue reading

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GB: Two Year Anniversary Review

Glenn Beck began his show on Fox the day before Obama’s Inauguration.  Neither he nor anyone on his staff thought they’d be around more than 18-months… Video:  GB: Two Year Anniversary Review –> The only debate that matters: The American … Continue reading

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