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Gut the Progressive GOP – Boehner Secretly Pushed ObamaCare Exemption

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton  -  Cross-Posted at Right Wing News John Boehner needs to go – yesterday. This proves everything we have been saying forever. In an effort to tear the GOP apart (and it is working), the Progressive Dems have … Continue reading

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Beck: Furious After Boehner Doesn’t Allow Congressmen To Attend Rally: ‘The Republican Party Sickens Me’

As Mediaite readers know, Glenn Beck is the undisputed king of the angry monologue. Unfortunately though (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of the man), we haven’t gotten much of it recently in this time between his Fox News and … Continue reading

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Senator Jim DeMint… Cut, Cap and Balance

By: MaggieMaggie’s Notebook Senator Jim DeMint issued the following statement to the Charleston Tea Party yesterday. Jim DeMint Fellow Conservatives: I have troubling news. I’m very careful about criticizing my party’s leaders, but what is happening in Washington right now … Continue reading

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Review: The Debt Ceiling and Economic Crisis Debate Rages On

Obama Warns that the ‘World Is Watching’ As Boehner Says “No Blank Check” Obama:  Good evening. Tonight, I want to talk about the debate we’ve been having in Washington over the national debt – a debate that directly affects the … Continue reading

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