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Let’s Talk About Crime In Australia

Video: President Obama Praises Australia’s Gun Control By Reinhard Vint – GunNews.com: We keep hearing from the Commander-in-Chief just how wonderful life has become in Australia, since the Constitutional Monarchy has forced the citizens to surrender their firearms. Wow! I … Continue reading

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Gun Phobia Is a Serious Problem… Time For Gun Therapy for Liberals!

Video: Gun Therapy for Liberals – Wild Bill for America Some Inconvenient Truths about American Mass Murderers American Thinker: Whether our nation is mourning the victims of yet another mass murderer, or murderers, the liberal politicians and pundits, like a toddler … Continue reading

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NRA ILA Leadership Forum Includes Levin and Palin

Video: Mark Levin FULL Speech at NRA ILA Leadership Forum By Marion Algier – Ask Marion – h/t to Palin-Cruz 2016 Palin to Rock NRA Convention with NFL Star and Country Legends: The annual National Rifle Association convention is in Indianapolis … Continue reading

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Holder: We Want Gun Tracking Bracelets

Didn’t he learn his lesson from his last gun tracking program? Attorney General Eric Holder said gun tracking bracelets are something the Justice Department (DOJ) wants to “explore” as part of its gun control efforts. When discussing gun violence prevention … Continue reading

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Missouri Bill Mandates Parents Report Gun Ownership to School Their Child Attends

The Torch – (Originally Posted 12.09.13): A pre-filed bill in the Missouri Senate would require parents of a public school student to report to the school if they own a gun. Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal filed SB 549, which reads: This … Continue reading

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Florida Court Rules Colleges Cannot Ban Guns – Huge 2nd Amendment Win

BizPac: The Florida Appeals Court ruled in favor of Alexandria Lainez, the young woman pictured, a single mom who sued the University of North Florida (UNF) over the right to carry a gun in her vehicle while attending classes at … Continue reading

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Utah Issues Its 500,000th Carry Permit – But There’s a Twist

The state of Utah recently issued its 500,000th carry permit. However, according The Salt Lake Tribune, a majority of those permits were issued to people living outside of Utah. Sixty-two percent of permits issued are going to people out of … Continue reading

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