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Second Amendment… Changing Winds

Video: Not So Fast ! Federal Judge Grants Stay On Gun Ban Ruling Judge Andrew Napolitano Fox & Friends Marion Algier – AskMarion First Photo of Legal Open Carry in DC in 70 Years? It wasn’t until 1932 that a … Continue reading

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English Warning To Americans: DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

Video: The British Want Their Guns Back The British people have been completely disarmed according to UN resolution, and here are personal accounts of British citizens of why Americans need to fight this with all they’ve got. Related: CFR Says … Continue reading

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The World’s Greatest Army

World’s Largest Army This is eye-opening! In WWII, Japan ‘s highest ranking naval officer was Isoruku Yamamoto. Although he was Japanese, and his loyalties were unquestionably with The Empire, he studied for many years in America, graduating from Harvard University. … Continue reading

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