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Happy President’s Day… Or Maybe Not?!?

There is a federal holiday Monday, but it’s called ‘Washington’s Birthday.’ Yet mattress retailers and used-car sales lots tend to make this Presidents Day in their ads. By Peter Grier, Staff writer – CSMonitor –  February 16, 2015 Presidential portraits, … Continue reading

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President’s Day

President’s Day, in theory, is a day for Americans to honor their presidents… all their presidents, yet many feel that we should be celebrating Washington and Lincoln‘s Birthdays, respectively, as has been done for generations.  Many feel that kids should … Continue reading

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ObamaCare: Supreme Court May Postpone Ruling till 2016 (By Which Time the Founders’ America Will Be Lost) and the Watchers Council Hail to the Chiefs Edition Nominations

ObamaCare: Supreme Court may postpone ruling till 2016 Now isn’t that a crock… If this actually happens Obama will be a dictator by then and if not America will be in shambles and ObamaCare will be so entrenched that it … Continue reading

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It’s not ‘President’s Day.’ It’s Washington’s Birthday

According to the government, today is a holiday observing George Washington’s birthday. It is not “President’s Day.” There is no such holiday on the federal calendar. Snopes clears up the confusion: However, the seeds of confusion were sown in 1968 … Continue reading

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