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Prepper’s Water Survival Guide

By Daisy Luther – Natural Blaze.com Are you truly prepared for a water emergency? How long could your family survive if the water stopped flowing from the municipal supply and none was available at the store? If the answer is … Continue reading

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When the Lights Go Out in America

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton – the NoisyRoom As America prepares to celebrate the ringing in of 2013 and the reelection of a Marxist as President, I think we should also review the EMP threat before America’s lights go out. Notice, I … Continue reading

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Survival and Self-sufficiency Tips

Test Gear In The Field Discussions of what gear and equipment to include in a survival kit or bug-out bag are common among survival enthusiasts and preppers, and this topic is often seen in books, articles, blog posts and discussion … Continue reading

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