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Boehner to Obama: ‘This Isn’t Some Damn Game’

Video:  House Speaker Boehner:  ‘This Isn’t Some Damn Game’ NewsMax: U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said the way to reopen the partially shut U.S. government is for Democrats to negotiate with him and accept changes that would produce “fairness” under … Continue reading

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Woman Who Could Not Afford ObamaCare Tries to Kill President

Photo Credit – The Blaze After the initial report of mayhem in Washington D.C. and the originally reported shooting of a guard in the Capitol, it changed to that a woman, with a baby in her car, tried to ram … Continue reading

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Obama ‘Buzzsaw’ Revealed; Herman Cain’s New Radio Gig

Herman Cain to Take Boortz Radio Mic Newsmax:  Conservative talk radio host Neal Boortz is retiring after four decades at the microphone and being replaced by former GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Boortz said his last day hosting The Neal … Continue reading

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On the Road to Armageddon – Moving Ragnarok to the Middle East

The headlines today are full of the Middle East spinning violently apart and threatening to take the entire planet with them. The Doomsday Clock is relentlessly ticking towards midnight and the nuclear Armageddon we have all dreaded our entire lives … Continue reading

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