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Sarah Palin: Debunking the Myths of a Convention of States

Sarah Palin: Debunking the myths of a Runaway Convention of States The following was originally published on Conservatives4Palin.com – Cross-Posted by Convention of States Project on April 20, 2015 – It’s the transcript of a video published on the Sarah … Continue reading

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Two of the Biggest Gun Control Myths Debunked in Glenn Beck’s New Book ‘Control’

TheBlaze: Gun control is not about safety, common sense or saving American lives — it’s about “control.” That’s the argument Glenn Beck made Tuesday night on TheBlaze TV while discussing his new book “Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns,” which … Continue reading

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Shelter (noun): Something that affords protection; a refuge, a haven… instead U.S. animal shelters are inhumane death camps… in many instances!

Webcam Screenshots from Memphis Animal Services, Posted April 30, 2011 Puppy to kill room – one hand on one foreleg. Workers allow this pregnant dog to be dragged to the kennel in which they are placing a whelping box. No … Continue reading

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The earth is flat, pet overpopulation exists and other myths we’ve been told

For years, most people in the United States have been told that that there are “too many pets and not enough homes”.  We have been told that there is a pet “overpopulation” problem.  We have been told that the reason … Continue reading

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