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ObamaCare… And So It Begins: Exchange Leaks Private Information of 2,400 People in Minnesota

Freedom Outpost:  Please view the short video below and see how incompetent the ObamaCare system really is, and this is only the tip of the joke on us, the citizens who pay the taxes!  Between the incompetence and the corruption … Continue reading

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MINNESOTASTAN: Closes schools for two days so teachers can learn how to teach Islam in the classroom

Video: US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America Bare Naked Islam: Each year, Minnesota government schools close for two days for a teachers’ conference. This year, not only will teachers be playing diversity games with dolls, they will be attending a workshop … Continue reading

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Rep. Keith Ellison: Failing America & Supporting Terrorist Front Groups?

Chris Fields and Keith Ellison – Candidates for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District By: AJ – Hat Tip: Patrick Poole at PJ Media – Cross-Posted at the NoisyRoom  How are the people in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District doing while Congressman Keith … Continue reading

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Flashback: Obama Urged Prisoners To Vote For Him

An archive of a 2008 New York for Obama website urges those in jail and prison who have not been convicted of felonies to vote for Obama via absentee ballot. This is perfectly legal. However, given that Obama was accused … Continue reading

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Wicked Writ of the Midwest

Wicked indeed… It would seem the elitists in Houston County, Minnesota want to implement Agenda 21 and take away citizen’s property rights. Disparaging the Constitution and treating the local populace as if they were nothing more than serfs. The very … Continue reading

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Undercover humane investigations to be banned in Minnesota?

April 7, 2011- Two bills have been introduced in the Minnesota Legislature that would make it a crime to videotape and to show footage shot inside puppy and kitten mills and factory farms. Senate File 1118 and House File 1369 … Continue reading

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