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Mark Levin: If People Aren’t Able To Get A Photo ID To Vote, How Are They Going To Get ObamaCare?

Remember the Democrat’s ploy… “You can’t ask for ID to vote, because the poor don’t have ID!?!  Well those are the same people who need healthcare and the reason Obama, Reid and the Progressive left sold us all on destroying … Continue reading

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Be a Mensch… Inform Yourself

By Marion Algier – AskMarion The word Mensch in German and Yiddish literally means, person, man or human being. But generally when you see it used, it means, being informed in your decisions, being sensitive to others people’s needs, and … Continue reading

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America – Land of the Mis, Under and Low Informed

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion America, free-market capitalism, western traditions and culture, Christianity and Judaism, and individual freedom hang in the balance and the survival of  the ‘Great American Experiment’ will determine the outcome. And what everyone needs to … Continue reading

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