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Update Japan: 11,500 Tons of Radioactive Water Into Sea, Radiation Found in CA Drinking Water and Rain…

Japan Nuclear Radiation Found In San Francisco, CA Tap Water – Levels In Rainwater 18,100% Above Drinking Water Limit Taking visual from this video–   same concentration as Fukushima headed our way Radioactivity too high to measure–TEPCO–instruments maxed out beyond Fukushima … Continue reading

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ABC News video Michio Kaku: "Chernobyl in the making"

Japan on High Nuclear Alert Huge Blast at Japan Nuclear Power Plant Japan’s quake shifts earth’s axis by 25 centimetres ABC News video Michio Kaku: “Chernobyl in the making” –> ABC News video: http://news.yahoo.com/video/weather-15749664/24502210&nbsp; <– Direct Video Link: http://news.yahoo.com/video/weather-15749664/fears-of-nuclear-meltdown-in-japan-24502210 Michio … Continue reading

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