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Ostriches or Eagles

Choices… Ostriches or Eagles? Cowards or Warriors for Freedom? By Marion Algier – AskMarion: When I was a child.. 50 years ago, those who were in engaged and students of history were already warning that if we, the United States … Continue reading

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Pretend Finger and Pop-Tart Gun Bill… And Do Not Forget Those Scary Army Man Cupcakes!

By Marion Algier – AskMarion Remember the little boy that got suspended for chomping his pop-tart into a gun, the parents who were told to removed soldiers from their son’s birthday cupcakes and the elementary school kids (here and there) … Continue reading

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A Few Words On Christopher Dorner

JoshuaPundit: I haven’t spent much time covering the story of Christopher Dorner, the rogue Los Angeles policeman and Navy Veteran who for awhile looked like our local version of ‘First Blood’, killing a number of police and their relatives in … Continue reading

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