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Coach Mike Ditka claims one of his biggest regrets is not running against Obama or the 2004 Illinois Senate race

Mike Ditka said not running against Barack Obama in the 2004 Senate campaign was the “biggest mistake of my life.” (Photo : Reuters) Sports World News: Despite winning a title as a coach and a player and notching 121 victories … Continue reading

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North Carolina Gov. McCrory Cites Obama Showing ID To Vote… So Why Are They Being Sued?

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion So if the President of the United States has to show ID to vote in his home state of Illinois, in the City of Chicago filled with minorities who seem to have IDs, then … Continue reading

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Two Black Conservative Women Running For Congress…

By: Nelson Abdullah  -  Conscience of a Conservative They must be having conniptions over at the NAACP and at the DNC. Who would have ever thought that a Black woman would run for Congress as a Republican. Not just any … Continue reading

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Help Needed: Convince conservative writers to cover Sharon Meroni’s…

Help Needed: Convince conservative writers to cover Sharon Meroni’s… Posted on September 24, 2012 by Kevin DuJan Folks, there’s a big story here that needs to make national news and I need YOUR help in breaking it wide open. This … Continue reading

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