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The Rise of Thought Crimes and Racist Poker

Ben Shapiro says that it appears we are in an age where people care more about what you say than what you do. He used as an example of a gaming company, who today fired an employee for suggesting that … Continue reading

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Hate Speech and Questions About Legality Of Banning LA Clippers Owner For Life – The Kelly File (Video)

As Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks said… “Not defending what Sterling said, but these types of punishments and bans on Sterling take us down a slippery slope.”

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NBPP: Should be Glad We‘re Not Hanging ’Crackers by Nooses’…‘Yet’

NBPP: ‘Not Hanging Crackers…Yet’ The Blaze’s Erica Ritz contributed to this report. According to National Field Marshal for the New Black Panthers King Samir Shabazz: “I love white-on white-crime, because that is the best crime.” “I hate the g*ddamn white … Continue reading

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‘If You’re Right Wing, You’re a Hate Group’

Photo Credit: Stretchy Bill Creative Commons The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is in the business to raise money. In order to do this, they must extend the definition of what it means to be a “hate group.” It’s similar … Continue reading

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