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Here’s How You Can Browse the Web Without Being Tracked

Think Big Brother Isn’t watching?? Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website A political website that contained stinging criticism of the Obama administration and its handling of the Fast and Furious scandal was ordered to be shut down … Continue reading

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US Order To Shutdown Millions Of Christian Websites Shocks World | Pakalert Press

A shocking report authored by the office of Russia’s top religious leader Patriarch Kirill I states that this past week the United States ordered over 10 million Christian websites destroyed that they claimed were a “threat” to their National Security … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange rails against Facebook, says it’s a spy tool for US government… Plus Other Steve Quayle Alerts

Video on the page:  WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Rails Against Facebook, Says It’s A Spy Tool For US Government  (See other alerts below) Maybe he’s a MySpace guy. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called Facebook “the most appalling spying machine ever … Continue reading

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