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Quayle Alert: Martial Law Confirmation – I Have Confirmation From A Ft. Hood (Killeen TX) Source Regarding Certain Army Personnel Being Trained For Martial Law Lock Down & House Raids

Steve Quayle: Steve, I have confirmation from a Ft. Hood (Killeen TX) source regarding certain army personnel being trained for martial law lock down and house to house raids. I have a friend who works in Killeen Texas in a … Continue reading

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Ft. Hood Killer Admits He Committed Act of Terrorism -> Verdict In… Guilty on All Counts

By: Roger Aronoff – Accuracy in Media The Nidal Hasan trial is coming to a close. After the prosecution called 89 witnesses, Hasan, defending himself, called none, and on Wednesday, August 21st, stated three words: “The defense rests.” The judge … Continue reading

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What ever happened to Nidal Hasan? And what is Education Diplomacy?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks why ‘mass-murdering enemy of America is still breathing’ WND: Are you one of those Americans who wonders what happened to the Islamist terrorist who massacred U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood more than three years ago? Or … Continue reading

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