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Please Join Us in A Much Needed Prayer

Joshua Pundit: Please join me in prayer for Michelle Malkin’s daughter Veronica, now suffering from a life threatening respiratory ailment. For Jews, the prayer for a Refuah Shlema is here: Mi-sheberakh avoteinu v’imoteinu, [Avraham v’Sarah, Yitzhak v’Rivkah, Ya’akov, Rachel v’Leah … Continue reading

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Israeli Embassy Releases Hilariously Odd Animated Video in Honor of Obama’s Visit

(Photo: YouTube/IsraeliEmbDC) In honor of Barack Obama’s first presidential visit to Israel, the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. released a video one might expect to see more in a middle school classroom than the international diplomatic stage. The animated clip … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Seeing Eye Dog

A thousand words couldn’t begin to tell the story in these pictures… Lily is a Great Dane that has been blind since a bizarre medical condition required that she have both eyes removed.  For the last 5-years, Maddison, another Great … Continue reading

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Hitler’s Germany, Israel, America’s Borders and Obama’s “Arab Spring” Speech – (A Must a Read) Updated

Beck Fear of Failure–Need to Stand-Up Show   Video:  Fear of Failure – Need to Stand-Up (Part 1 of 5) · Soros Builds on Petrobras Holdings in First Quarter… But, but we were told Soros sold Petrobras! America, mark your … Continue reading

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The Beck Factor

My pal Glenn Beck is leaving his program on Fox News Channel later this year. This has caused great joy among some uber-liberals who object to free speech, as well as to anything Beck. The Media Matters outfit took just … Continue reading

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