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Washington Post Quickly Redacting Sensational But Untrue Romney Story

May 10, 2012 Seems obviously Obama Controlled newspaper Washington Post created an untrue story about Romney and bullying that never happened just in time for Team Obama to use it (to vilify Romney) as part of the Obama’s calculated announcement … Continue reading

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The Life of Julia – Left-Wing Faulty Politics

Critics… pretty much anyone with a brain, rip the Obama Campaign’s very telling creation, Julia; another campaign stunt that will surely backfire! The Blaze: The Obama campaign’s new “Life of Julia” tool has led to no shortage of mocking parodies … Continue reading

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ABC News Bans flag and Patriotic lapel Pins’ Even Barbara Walter Complains

Yes, the mainstream media, in this case ABC “News” cannot do enough, quickly enough to destroy whatever independence, sovereignty and freedom we still have left. Now American Flag lapel pins are banned. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there was a … Continue reading

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