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Greg Palast: Vulture’s Picnic

By Marion Algier The older you get the more you realize how often things are connected and how sometimes things that you thought were at opposite ends of the spectrum actually come full circle and intersect. Such is the case … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary of the Gulf Oil Spill

Here’s a roundup of news from today: Nil, Baby, Nil: Congress Fails To Pass A Single Oil Spill Law One Year After BP, Congress Has Yet To Change Oil Spill Liability Cap BP Marks Anniversary With Campaign Contributions BP Still … Continue reading

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HAARP, Chemtrails and Other Manmade Disasters

Video:  HAARP: Persian Gulf Eyewitness HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). THE “Weapon of Mass Destruction”. It is the source of artificial weather changes (such as TORNADOS, droughts, flooding, cyclones and tsunamis) and also EARTHQUAKES. Not only that, but the … Continue reading

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