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‘Republican’ Deer Repeatedly Destroys Texas Couple’s Front Yard Obama Sign

The Blaze: Tom Priem, a software support engineer, and his wife, Beth, were sick and tired of constantly finding the Obama sign in front of their Austin, Texas home destroyed. They were certain it was a mischievous Republican who didn’t … Continue reading

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Austin Steals Elderly Veteran’s House for Crime of Having Fallout Shelter

Kurt Nimmo – Infowars.com – May 9, 2012 – h/t to MJ The city of Austin, Texas, was looking for an excuse to steal Joe Del Rio’s modest home. It found one – it insisted he had a “bunker” beneath … Continue reading

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Austin’s Fluoridated Water Supply is Poisoning Our Children

Infowars.com | Should Austin’s infants and children be drinking our tap water when it tastes moldy and more like the bottom of Lake Austin than healthy, pure water?  But this should be a concern for all Americans, fluoride is added … Continue reading

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Injured Dog Found In North Austin, Texas… No ID

We found a great dog on our daily walk-around in the back of the property, an old oak grove, of the Extended Stay Deluxe in North Central Austin Texas today. She is the sweetest doggie and barely made a peep … Continue reading

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