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And the Oscar Goes To… Comments on the 84th Academy Awards

Photo credit: Don Jus Live. Make a Difference! Winners are highlighted below in red… The movies… They have electrified and inspired people around the world.  They are the best and sometimes the worst of America.  But for many years they … Continue reading

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Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras… Karnivale, Fasching, Carnival, Karneval

With the last ObamaCare mandate attack on the Catholic Church and on freedom of  religion Glenn Beck and many religious and Constitutional patriots have declared, “We are all Catholics now!”  Well in much of world that is the case every … Continue reading

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Carnaval (Mardi Gras) Parade in Germany

Karnival or Fasching (Mardi Gras in the cold) Parade in Germany A picture is worth a thousand words…  Well here are seven. These floats from last year were part of the annual Carnival Parade in Germany, watched by an estimated … Continue reading

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Greg Palast: Vulture’s Picnic

By Marion Algier The older you get the more you realize how often things are connected and how sometimes things that you thought were at opposite ends of the spectrum actually come full circle and intersect. Such is the case … Continue reading

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Principal Banning All Fall Holidays at School… Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving… and Christmas Has Already Been

Here we go again… It just gets worse every year. Stand-up America!! What holds a society together is its common values, traditions and history; something the secular progressives have been working on for years to refashion or steal  from us. … Continue reading

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Amazing Views of New York and the Statue of Liberty

BE SURE TO SCROLL TO THE LAST PICTURE!!!!! Manhattan and Long Island are belowThe clarity of the photos is phenomenal! These  are some of  the best shots of NYC and the Statue  of  Liberty you’llever see. Memorial  Day Air Show … Continue reading

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How to Deal With a Control Freak

If the person you live with is bossy and domineering, has the last say in everything, refuses to listen to you on each and every occasion you try to make your voice heard, controls all the money in the house, … Continue reading

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America’s Royal Irony–Especially Liberal “Fondness” for a Form of Romantic… Traditional… Old-Fashioned Inequality

By Robert Stacy McCain on 4.20.11 @ 6:08AM  -  America’s Royal Irony – American Spectator The couple has been shacking up for months and one celebrity gossip magazine claimed that the bride-to-be is pregnant, yet the wedding next week between … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Regency Theaters in Capistrano Opens with Sold Out Shows

See Video and Photos of the Opening of the SJC Regency Theatre HERE at the Capistrano Dispatch Sunday March 27, 2011 Edition from Theatre Opening (14 Months Ago) Showings of “Iron Man 2″ in the VIP section of the new … Continue reading

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The Most Unusual Buildings Around the World

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