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Charles Koch Pushes Back in Op-Ed

RUSH/EIB: Charles Koch, of the Koch brothers, has an op-ed today, Wall Street Journal: “I’m Fighting to Restore a Free Society.” It’s a great piece.  I mean, it’s a personal take.  It’s one of those things, it’s unfortunate he has … Continue reading

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Marginalizing The Movement That Can Save America

Tea Party, Grassroots, Patriots By Christopher G. Adamo -  Hawaii Reporter:  Ever since the 2009 advent of the Tea Party, Democrats on Capitol Hill and the liberal media have been obsessed with its destruction. Of course such a response is … Continue reading

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Julianne Ortman, the Solution to America’s Franken Problem

Al Franken (D-MN) – KeyWiki Progressive/Marxist Profiles By: Lloyd Marcus Just when Mary was mastering not over-cooking (burning) steaks on our grill at home in Florida, duty called us back on the road, with our Conservative Campaign Committee team traveling … Continue reading

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The Indomitable Spirit of An Armed Citizenry

This nation was founded on the God-given right of liberty. All things must be weighed against that right. Tyranny, oppression and suppression are evil and must be opposed. By T.L. Davis  -  Christian Mercenary: It is painful to watch the … Continue reading

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Palin and Romney Endorse Iowa GOP Senate Primary Candidate Joni Ernst… Make Em Squeal

That’s right, hog-castrating Mom, Colonel in the Army Reserve, Iowa State Senator, and ‘Mama Grizzly’, Joni Ernst, who promises to cut the pork in Washington has received the endorsements of both Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. By Marion Algier – … Continue reading

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Divided Supreme Court Hears Hobby Lobby’s Challenge to the Contraceptive Mandate

  AP Photo  TheWire: The Supreme Court heard arguments for two controversial challenges to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate yesterday. Based on the initial consensus of reporters who were in the room, it looks like the court, as expected, … Continue reading

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James Delingpole: God, I wish Sarah Palin would stand for President??

James Delingpole left, with a fan at CPAC-2014 By Gary P Jackson – A Time For Choosing – Cross-Posted at Palin-Cruz 2016 A little housekeeping from  CPAC 2014 event and Governor Sarah Palin’s earth-shaking headliner speech. James Delingpole, Executive Editor … Continue reading

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“Sarah Palin Was Right” TV Ad by CCC PAC

Video: “Sarah Palin Was Right” TV Ad by CCC PAC   Conservative Campaign Committee Governor Sarah Palin’s warnings about Barack Obama have proven correct Palin warned that Barack Obama’s indecision and moral equivalence would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade … Continue reading

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Judge rules states can demand proof of citizenship from voters

**FILE** Aaron Belenky shows part of a letter from election officials while standing in front of his apartment in Overland Park, Kan., on Aug. 14, 2013. The letter lists the valid citizenship documents needed to register to vote in Kansas … Continue reading

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The Wrap at Ask Marion 3.09.14 Thru 3.16.14

Our weekly wrap… Sunday to Sunday… Please share! Ask Marion Events of the Week… Russia-Ukraine Escalating, the House Has Traced the IRS Scandal to Obama, President Obama has Ordered the Review of Deportation Practices to Promote His Amnesty Agenda and … Continue reading

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