Doctor Gets 45 Years for Giving Chemo to Cancer Free Patients

By Marion Algier –  Ask Marion

 Farid Fata cancer doctor needless chemo

Screenshot via Fox News

Sometimes the system gets it right… and so they did with oncologist Dr. Farid Fata, who gave $35 million in needless chemotherapy to patients – some of whom didn’t even have cancer.

Fox News: Cancer_doctor_fraudA Michigan doctor has been sentenced to 45-years in prison after poisoning over 500 patients with needless or excessive cancer treatments in a scheme to collect millions of dollars from insurance companies.

Founder of Michigan Hematology Oncology (MHO), Dr. Farid Fata, had been accused of giving 553 patients needless treatments. Some of his victims had even received chemotherapy drugs up until the last days of their lives, for cancers they never had.

Even when patients arrived at Fata’s office with urgent medical conditions Fata directed that chemotherapy be administered before he would allow them to go to the hospital.

In one case, a male patient fell down and hit his head when he came Fata, who insisted that the patient receive his chemotherapy before he could be taken to the emergency room. That patient later died from his head injury.

Fata caused immeasurable harm to hundreds of patients, yet he was not actually charged with harming any of them. Fata plead guilty last year to fraud, money laundering and conspiracy, though he didn’t make a deal with prosecutors. So U.S. District Judge Paul Borman heard details of treatments this week before the sentencing.

One victim, Monica Flagg, was diagnosed with myeloma in 2012. Under Fata’s care, she endured testing, including bone marrow biopsies, and one chemotherapy treatment, before stumbling upon the truth.

After the first chemotherapy treatment, Flagg happened to have broken her leg. When another doctor from Feta’s practice came to check on her, he reviewed her chart telling her she never had cancer.

“He read my chart, looked at me very strangely, I’ll never forget the look that he had when he looked at me,” Flagg told ABC News.

“He came back the following day and said to me, ‘I want you to know, I work for Dr. Fata. You’re 51, you’re extremely active, you’re a professional, you don’t have cancer and you need to not ever go back to Dr. Fata.”

Fata had told her she would need “a lifetime maintenance dose of chemotherapy.”

Ultimately, it was an office manager who led Federal Authorities to Fata.

George Karadsheh, an office manager of MHO’s Crittenton Cancer Center, was curious about why doctors and other staff members kept leaving the practice. Karadsheh eventually learned that an oncologist in the practice was quitting because Fata was administering chemotherapy to patients who didn’t need it.

So in 2013, Karadsheh spoke to the U.S. Department of Justice, and on Aug 6, 2013, FBI agents arrested Fata. Prosecutor Catherine Dick had asked for a 175-year prison sentence.

In addition to the prison sentence, Fata was ordered to forfeit $17.6 million. Many victims were disappointed with the 45-year sentence considering all of the lives that Fata ruined.

“Prosecutors did a fantastic job — and he got 45 years. It’s a lifetime sentence for the rest of us,” said Flagg. “What about all the grave markers out there that all the victims’ families have to look at?”

Could there be anything more despicable?  And although 45-years puts this monster away pretty much for life, when you consider how many people he killed and damaged , the death penalty would have been more appropriate in my book!  But Fata should never again say see the light of day, which should bring some solice to surviving his surviving patients and the families of those who did not.

Fata is an extreme case, but perhaps it is time to look at the entire Western Medicine Cancer money making machine.  Cancer fraud, at different levels, is committed against Americans every day at varying levels!

When I was speaking to a women’s group about my own Cancer journey, an RN in the audience stood up and voluntarily talked about mammograms.  She shared  that mammograms cause more Cancers than detect cases, since most of what they detect are false positives or irregular cells that might never have become cancerous… something I always thought and believed since I had the 1st of only two mammograms I’ve ever had.  She said that the truth is that out of 2,000 mammograms, only 2 detected actual cases, 10 people would  ultimately get breast Cancer from the mammograms if they continued getting them regularly, and about 200 patients receive false positives and would be inconvenienced, charged for and even worse diagnosed with stage one breast cancer and put through unnecessary treatment because they had irregular cells that might never develop into Cancer or anything harmful.  From my own experience, I know of people and have friends with stage one breast cancer who were told by their doctors that they needed complete mastectomies and reconstruction, that then have gone for multiple opinions and have been told there is nothing wrong with them or that they only need a lumpectomy and some herbal creams as a follow-up.  But many who either get or don’t get the mastectomies are then also sold on chemo, radiation and 5 to 10 year long-term so-called low-dose chemo pill therapy.

As I was flying home from Chicago a few weeks back, a young Lebanese-Canadian student sat next to me on the plane.  As we chatted, he told me that his pharmacist uncle told him that when they receive it, chemo comes in boxes with huge poison markings on them and they won’t touch the outside of the bags without double rubber gloves… and then shared about the $50,000 kick back the doctors and hospitals get for promoting certain of these drugs.  Hello… ding, ding, ding… caching, caching, caching!!!

Having Cancer is a battle within your own body, but having Cancer in America is having a battle within your body as well as with the AMA, the FDA, the FTC, Big Agri, Big Pharma, Big Business and Big Government and usually with your own doctors who are without many of the tools that practitioners have outside the U.S., as well as often having the wrong tools.  Add a monster like Dr. Farid Fata and there is no hope which is all that keeps severely ill patients going.

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