The 5 Greatest Lies Children Are Told in School in the Last Fifty Years


The Manipulation and Dumbing-Down of America

By dustyk103 –  Liberals Backwards Think

Propaganda teaches children to believe what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right

America has been corrupted by the Left who have propagandized and misled our children down the path of their immorality.  These leftists, socialists and their offspring, communists, fascists, and Nazis have turned America’s latest generations away from the values of their forefathers and the founders of America.  Here are the worst five lies told to young Americans.

  • Socialism is economically fair – If by “fair” you mean the populace consists of equally poor peasants ruled over by wealthy nobility, then it is fair.  People naturally seek freedom, but socialism must be imposed and controlled by those in government to steal from the rich and dole out what they wish to the poor.  Socialism is taking from those who strive harder to prosper and giving to those who labor less.
  • Capitalism is greed – If by greed you mean those who work hardest get paid the most, you don’t understand greed.  Greed is brought on by envy for those who have what you do not.  Greed for more at the expense of others is not the nature of capitalism, but the result of the immoral engaging in it.  Capitalism in a free market allows each to prosper according to his own efforts, unless those in government corrupt the system with cronyism and slog down the road toward establishing a socialist dictatorship.
  • Religion is for enslaving the weak-minded – morality is old fashioned for those who haven’t yet suffered from their immorality.  Marriage today is falling apart, babies are killed in the womb so they will not become an “punishment” for poor choices or an “inconvenience” to the single mother.  Any kind of sex, behavior, or act is said to be “normal” and as morality breaks down so do the laws of civilized behavior.  Soon stealing, especially from the rich, is justified and made righteous, and as the people clamor for the injustice they have forged, the unjust step forward and declare they can create justice through a dictatorship, and they become despots.
  • True freedom is the freedom to choose to be irresponsible – sex, drugs, and abortion are the cornerstones of a corrupt society running amok.  Society exists on the basis of its laws that call on the people to restrict their immoral behavior and punishes criminal behavior.  The degradation of society begins with the abuse of the self that leads to the abuse of others.  Laws punish those who inflict harm on others, and those who would have the freedom to harm others worm their way into government.  They infiltrate the halls of power to establish laws allowing them to commit crimes through the power of government such as paying themselves exorbitantly with things like platinum pensions and Cadillac healthcare, even to the point of allowing themselves insider trading while regulating and taxing business.
  • Islam is peace – Islam is slavery, hatred, and murder that promises Paradise for those who practice it most faithfully.  Honor killing, apostasy, dhimmitude, and Jihad are the hallmarks of this religion that is no different than the pagan religion of the Vikings or any other tribal people.  An ideology that gives freedoms to those who submit to theocratic rule, oppresses those who do not, and is in a constant state of war with the world has no place in a free civilized society.

These lies have led young Americans to turn away from the values of their Christian forebears and embrace the values atheist leftists who only believe in serving themselves and not helping others.  They are easily deceived by propaganda because they have no knowledge of history, leaving them without a foundation from which to defend righteousness.  Atheists delude themselves to believe that being godless makes them more considerate of other human beings, when all it does is make them self-righteous hypocrites who measure morality by what they believe is good, even when it’s bad.

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